The first six minutes of the first half, after Mignolet field Bigfoot play up front, Bordeaux offside mistakes, Phil Mino Qiuhou form single-handedly, but his header wide of the right post. The first 21 minutes, Bordeaux before the games positioning the ball, LDK's first foot hit the door was turned back wall, then shot himself followed up. After 22 minutes, received a teammate of the Turk's chest, stopping a foot long pass volley wide. The first 27 minutes, Milner right from the ball, defender siege not far, Kolo - Toure volley he missed the ball. The first 33 minutes, Bordeaux broke the deadlock in the field! Mignolet kickoff offense gave Bordeaux the chance indirect free kick inside the penalty area, the ball a push Plasil, LDK kicked up heavy artillery blasted the ball into the sky the top left corner, 0-1! The first 38 minutes, in the restricted area of ​​the Turk is within SA, pulled down, the referee ordered a penalty kick, Milner surgeon kick overnight, 1-1! Liverpool quickly equalized the score. First half injury time, Klein on the right pass, this Turk restricted line beautiful turn after stopping volley kick for Liverpool go-ahead score, 2-1! Halftime, the Red Army temporarily 1 goal lead.

The first 50 minutes, before the restricted area Phil Mino inverted triangle pass, under the present Turk unmarked kicker from the center will fly ball. The first 53 minutes, Liverpool midfielder steals, Joe - Allen sent Zhise, restricted the right of Phil Mino cross, this Turk Foul outflank broke but was in advanced the ball is invalid. The first 56 minutes, right-sided center of the box is blocked Eby reached the restricted small angle after the band. The first 73 minutes, after the midfielder steals and Phil Milner played with minoxidil small angle from the center side of the Internet. The first 84 minutes, Contento biography, Belle volley over the bar. Moyes, Bordeaux before the games positioning the ball, hit the door Zevi was Mignolet saved. The final whistle, Liverpool 2-1 Bordeaux.

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