England and France at home in a friendly. Half-Ali into a wonderful world of wave helped lead England, easy side battles Rooney to expand the score. He cruised to the final audience, England 2-0 Lectra France, the harvest of this friendly victory.

The two sides held a moment of silence before the ceremony in Paris, victims of terrorist attacks. The first six minutes, before the market to promote the process Cabaye sudden Shi Leng Jian, the ball just passing the bar. The first 12 minutes, the ball inside the penalty area Gignac shot blocked defender. After cutting inside the first 18 minutes, Marshall winger Joe Hart shot was confiscated. The first 22 minutes, Shinaidelin handball gave each other a former field positioning the ball, Rooney takes the direct center of the box is to give Lori. The first 32 minutes, Rooney up front left foot hit the ball go past Koscielny, the ball slightly higher than the door frame. The first 39 minutes, Rooney cross struck the right wing, Ali got the ball slightly adjusted kicker volley, the ball crossed the rapid fall after Lori fly net nest, 1-0! The first 45 minutes, England a corner, Barkley header missed the bottom line. Half of Harding Park, England lead.

Easy side battles, the first 47 minutes, after Ali steals Boba closed road straight left, Stirling speed forward runs the ball pass, Rooney point after volley broke, 2-0! The first 51 minutes, Kane center of the box to get the ball long shots, the ball touching the column wide. The first 59 minutes, Boba restricted line twist shot slightly over the bar. The first 66 minutes, Marshall and Boba played with subtlety, the latter to forward runs Marchal heel knock, but Marshall's small angle hit the door was goalkeeper. The first 75 minutes, after Kemanneiqie direct long-range higher. Since then both summoned to debug line-up, but the court has not created a good chance. The first 89 minutes, Boba outside the area hit the door turned up. He cruised to the final audience, England 2-0 Lectra France, the harvest of this friendly victory.


England (4-4-2): 1 - Hart (46'13- bout Rand) / 3- Gibbs, 5 Cahill, 6 Stones, 2 Klein / 11- Stirling (68'20- Lallana), 4-Deere, 8 Buckley (80'17- Sher), 7 Ali (87'14- Phil - Jones) / 10- Rooney, 9 Kane (80'16- Bertrand)

France (4-3-3): 1 - Lori / 17- Digne, within 4- Guevara, 21 Koscielny, 15 Sarnia / 14- Matuyidi (46'19- wave Pakistan), 22 Shinaidelin (82'18- Sissoko), 6 Caballe / 8- this - Alpha (46'20- Coleman), 10 Marchal (67'7- Gregory Postman), 11 Gignac

2015/11/18 1:48:17