After the Hornets won away, Knight returned home today ushered Nets challenge the team feel the first half knight ring true, was the Nets leading by 6 points. The two sides in the second half to start a see-saw, the last 16 seconds, the Knights ahead 3 points, Joe - Johnson caused JR- Smith thirds foul three free throws, to level the score. The key breakthrough moment James dumped network, let the Cavaliers to 90-88 win over the Nets.

Rider data: LeBron - James 26 points and nine rebounds and five assists, Kevin - Carrefour 26 points and seven rebounds, Mo - Williams 14 points, 2 rebounds, Tristan - Thompson 10 points and 11 rebounds, JR- Smith 6 points 5 rebounds.

Data Nets: Brook - Lopez 22 points and nine rebounds, Thaddeus - Young 16 points and 12 rebounds, Jarrett - Jack 12 points and 5 rebounds and 14 assists, Hollis - Jefferson 6 points and 10 rebounds, Joe - Johnson 17 points and 3 rebounds.

An opening Nets darling: Joe - Johnson launched into thirds and jumper, Lopez layup, the Nets shot a wave of 7-2 offensive start first on the road. Knight slow opening hand ring true today, Carrefour several open jumpers are fruitless. Nets more by Lopez and Thaddeus - Young get points in the paint, the Knights are not allowed to vote outside opponents assured shrink inside. JR- Smith corner pull-jumper, the first section end of the game, the Nets 24-17 lead seven minutes into the second section of the Cavaliers game. Section Knights team shooting rate to 35%.

Little Mo dribbling layup, Tristan - Thompson hook after the network, the Nets responded immediately: Lopez breakthrough dumped network, Bargnani hit a jumper lesson. Bogdan Norwich layup playing board network, Bargnani jumper and then, the Nets have come to a double-digit lead. After half of the second quarter, James hit a layup, Carrefour launched into thirds and then counterattack dunks succeeded, the Cavaliers played 7-0 offensive chase points, forcing the Nets request for suspension. Suspension back, James adds a personal attack, he scored 4 points, approaching the score to help the Cavaliers. Dellavedova buzzer jumper, the first half end of the game, the Nets leading the Cavaliers to 50-44 six minutes into the second half of the game.

Opening the second half more mistakes despite the Nets, but back in time to prevent the anti-Knight easily beaten back. Knight-thirds feel the cold today, 16 shots and hit only three. Half of the third quarter, Carrefour state to pick up, he was not even in 3 three-pointers to let Knight go-ahead score, then the Nets began fiery performance against Carrefour adjusted defensive strategy. Knights second team on the court on the offensive end is difficult to open, after the incident thirds Dellavedova race against time, the end of the third quarter, the Nets Cavaliers to 69-68 lead one minute into the final section of the competition.

Carrefour launched into the distal third, James empty cut layup to Cleveland to take the initiative. Lopez followed by dumped the Knights lead erased. The last 1 minute, Joe - Johnson singles JR- Smith fouled two free throws, the Nets lead 1 minute, then Tristan - Thompson and James alley-oop labeled 2 + 1 bleeding, but can hit plus confiscation . The last 33 seconds, not in the third after James, the initiative back to the hands of the Nets. But Joe - Johnson singles JR- not Smith, followed by tactical foul, James made two free throws, the Nets in a disadvantageous situation. The last 16 seconds, JR- Smith was Joe - Johnson caused by one-third foul three free throws in the score. Knight 15.2 seconds left, then James breakthrough dumped network, allowing the Cavaliers to 90-88 win over the Nets.

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2015/11/28 21:53:32