Before the current round of the game, Manchester City has two games in a row without victory, nearly four league is made only five points, which also makes the Leicester City and Manchester United are in the standings beyond the Blue Moon, now Pellet Pellegrini's team only temporarily in the third position. Opening less than 1 minute, Stirling and his teammates formed against the wall with no adjustment left foot into the restricted area after the high-speed direct hit the door, Karen Borg closed out the ball. The first six minutes, Kolarov free-kick hit the door, the ball hit the crossbar along the bomb after goalkeeper timely income arms. After nine minutes, winger Stirling off the foot of Maya Yoshida crosses the ball, high-speed insertion of the box hit Kongmen De Bruyne easily succeeded, 1-0! Manchester City home game lead. The first 12 minutes, after Deer Fu Qianchangduanqiu straight, Aguero Tongshe keeper blocked out. The first 20 minutes, Manchester City corner out tactics peripheral ambush Deer Fu great shot, the ball hit Van Dyk lap refracted change to the net, toward the right of the goalkeeper had to watch the ball disappointed, score became 2- 0. The first 22 minutes, Van Dyk periphery of long-range hit the lintel pop up. The first 35 minutes, De Bruyne crosses Aguero given a statement before the point of the ball, turned and shot after stopping Sterling hit high. The first 41 minutes, Wan Amazon closed perimeter strong shot was back he denied.

Easy side battles, the first 49 minutes, Southampton pulled one back after the quick free kick inside the horse received his teammates out of the winger, Shane - Long leaping header beat defender broke, field the score became 2-1. The first 60 minutes, Otamendi's through ball found the plug in Stirling, the latter dribbling inside the area but could not extraordinary, defender the ball damage the bottom line. The first 61 minutes, Yaya - Toure's long-range was goalkeeper confiscated. The first 62 minutes, Tadic opportunity to obtain single-handedly, but his lob was Caballero Dan Zhang sold, with Housha En - Long blank range also failed. The first 69 minutes, De Bruyne inside the restricted area calm cross the weak side, Kolarov left chest after stopping volley the ball straight into the goal corner, 3-1! Manchester City almost win the match. The first 75 minutes, sidelined through injury a half years of Silva off the bench, the audience Manchester City fans rose to applaud him. The first 81 minutes, Toure direct free kick shot was denied the wall. Since then both sides had no achievements, the final victory over rivals Manchester City at home 3-1.

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