After the last round of league Manchester United in second place in the standings, but the state has ups and downs are more sick and wounded. The Leites city side, they play good reversal in the championship, the top scorer with 13 goals ranked first in Valdivia position scorer, should be able to break the round the door guarded Degea can break the former Manchester United player Ruud held rounds have scored 10 consecutive Premier League record. The campaign will be the Premier League's contradictions dispute, Okazaki Shinji replace high center of military strategy Asia starting to play, Carrick comeback episode, Manchester United tries to play 3412 formation opponent. Start of the race. The first eight minutes, Rooney received after Mata short pass outside the instep stitch shot was confiscated small Schmeichel. The first 12 minutes, Ashley - Young tactical foul tipped Mach Juarez booked. The first 17 minutes, Orr Brighton pass, Valdivia is unable to get Degea top. The first 23 minutes, Leites city counterattack chance, Fuchs straight behind low shot inside the far corner to break speed plug Valdis restricted, 1-0! Valdivia breaking Ruud record. The first 27 minutes, Degea siege mistakes almost lead to disaster. The first 30 minutes, a small angle shot burst Mach Juarez is Degea legs blocked. The first 34 minutes, Fuchs tipped Rooney in large restricted line, the referee ignored. The first 37 minutes, Marshall left breakthrough came in a threat. The first 44 minutes, Ashley - Young cross from the left Drinkwater headed the rescue almost own goal. First half injury time, Mata corner, Schweinsteiger header from close range to tie the game since joining Manchester United scored the first goal, 1-1! The two sides back to the same starting line. Leites temporary flat Manchester City 1-1 at home at halftime.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 45 minutes, Damian headed the rescue mistakes, Orr Brighton failed to pass higher top to Valdivia. The first 48 minutes, Ashley - Young free-kick out on the right Schweinsteiger header was blocked, then Rooney blank range flagged for offside. The first 59 minutes, Ulloa forward replaces Shinji Okazaki. The first 65 minutes, before the formation of the Mach Juarez ball field 3 dozen 3 counter, handed the penalty area Ulloa, whose low shot prejudiced, failed to break Degea guarded the door. The first 67 minutes, Rooney was replaced Memphis. The first 69 minutes, Leicester second substitutions adjustment, replaced by the Schlupp Orr Brighton. The first 72 minutes, Wu slightly inferior long-range after the ball over the bar. The first 78 minutes, Mata volley inside the restricted area was Schlupp denied the bottom line. The first 79 minutes, Simpson replaced Goldratt strengthen the defense. The first 83 minutes, then Damian Memphis volley shot hit the post headed higher circles. The first 87 minutes, Manchester United ball siege not far, Drinkwater long-range just wide. The second half injury time, Damian long-range higher goal. Then the two sides failed to score again rewrite the final 1-1 draw with Leicester City Manchester United away.

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