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[NBA News] Bryant issued disclose personally retire next season

2015/11/29 23:46:21

November 30, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant - Bryant stands on the site players personally wrote an article, he revealed that this season will be the last season of his career. The following is the full text:

Dear Basketball:

From the first time I put on my father's barrel socks, she began to imagine yourself in the Great Western Forum Arena (formerly the Great Western Forum Arena is one of NBA arenas, from the period 1967 to 1999 has been the Los Angeles Lakers home of the Lakers also use it the longest home) when it dropped those winning shot, I know exactly one thing:

I fell in love with you.Love, I give everything for you - from my heart, my body to my mind my soul.Six years old when the ball fell in love with a vibrant, end of the tunnel has never seen a touch of dawn, I can see they have been exhausted efforts to run run run in the tunnel.So I've been on the run. I ran back and forth around the field, in order for you to chase every floor ball, you desire me scraping, I would have you all his heart, because it contains a lot of things between.I took the pain to play, hit the sweat, not because of the "challenge" call me, because you called me. Everything I do is for you, because you can make a person feel fresh sense of life.

Your one-year-old boy donated his Lakers dream, therefore I will always love you. But I can no longer continue to do so crazy about you, and this season, I have to give everything. My heart is still able to withstand the ordeal, my mind is also able to handle difficult. But my body already knew, it was time to say goodbye.This right, this right. I'm ready to let you go, I hope you now know, this way, the remaining time, we can enjoy every moment.Good and bad, we have to give their all.We all know that no matter what I'll do next.I will be that child.Socks, aim at the corner garbage cans."5 seconds left!"54321Always love you,


Throughout Kobe Bryant of the Lakers 20-year career, he played for the Lakers a total of 1292 games, the first of which 1144 games, played just 36.5 minutes, 25.3 points and 5.3 can get rebounds 4.8 assists and 1.47 steals.

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