Arsenal away from home after 8 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses record 26 points standings ranked No. 4, the case earlier last round of league team scored the final 1-2 was West Bromwich Albion reverse. Bailei home Norwich had 3 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses record 12 points ranked 16 standings, the last round of league team lost 0-1 to Chelsea. After opening the two sides quickly into the state, the first four minutes, the ball forward runs koscielny sent forward pass, Sanchez after he missed the ball a little to adjust the long-range kicker. Seven minutes later, Coase Czerny injury can not continue to adhere to the game, Arsenal were forced to make personnel adjustments, Gabriel stepped off the bench. After 19 minutes, Ozil instigated offensive, Giroux Monreal received a pass Tuishe missed. The first 30 minutes, Sanchez steals sent pass, Ozil ball plug in the face of attack Rudy cool twist shot ball into the far corner of the goal, 0-1, Arsenal lead. The first 43 minutes, Brady left sent crossing the ball outside the instep, after Gabriel Guerra class mess on face Cech cool Tui succeeded, after 1-1.3 minutes of stoppage time the game into the intermission, the two teams battle into temporary 1-1.

Easy side again after the war the two teams did not choose to make personnel adjustments at halftime. The first 53 minutes, Sanchez sent pass, shot the ball inside the penalty area Giroux was the other defensive player denied the bottom line. After 1 minute, Cazorla suspects suspected diving, referee decisive ahead of the game's first yellow card. Shortly thereafter, O'Neal tipped onrush of Ramsey fouls likewise home a yellow card warning. The first 60 minutes, Arsenal suffered another blow, general Sanchez injured in accidents can not continue to adhere to the game, Joel - Campbell stepped off the bench. After 7 minutes, Beilai Lin and Ozil with a small angle from the center after hit the side net. The first 71 minutes, Norwich substitutions complete the team for the first time, Raymond Stockhausen debut off the bench, followed by Arsenal sent Chamberlain, who replaced Ramsay continue to strengthen the attack. With Jerome and Ofer in the first 85 minutes off the bench at the same time, the two teams run out of the field this all substitutions. The next time the score could not be rewritten again, after three minutes of stoppage time the referee whistle ended the whole match.

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