Chelsea start to the season overall poor state, now in the 15th position of the standings only four points above the relegation zone. Recently the state to pick up the last round of the league and the Champions League midweek have successfully won the opponent, but captain John Terry and midfielder Ramires will miss the game because of injury. Tottenham side, just behind the league ranked No. 5 No. 4 Arsenal two points, should win points at home will be temporarily overtake Arsenal in fourth. The Talai Bu team and Chadli failed due to an ankle injury in the squad. It is worth mentioning that the Spurs are unbeaten at home this season. The campaign teams are history 900th Premier League campaign, Mason replace high yellow card suspension Ali first play, Kane led the strike. Azar top team striker position, using no front array of challenges the home team. Start of the race. The first two minutes, Ross biography, knee to the face when Cahill Begovic rescue, doctors admission for treatment. The next 10 minutes, Tottenham master tempo, Possession was dominant. The first 16 minutes, Kane outside the area of ​​long-range Benben jumping, hold timely after Begovic sell. The first 19 minutes, Pedro cross from the left found Azar, who headed over the bar. The first 22 minutes, Pedro cut inside the left Tottenham defender's long-range rubs the bottom line. The first 26 minutes, right-sided pass Kane found unguarded Son Heung-Min, whose header was blocked Begovic. The first 30 minutes, Fabregas shot and Dembele go past Begovic fell to the ground after being closed out. The first 31 minutes, Ross tipped behind Azar eat first yellow card of the game. The first 39 minutes, William Kane tipped behind booked. The first 41 minutes, shooting after the break Oscar Chuandang Mason hit the side-netting. The first 44 minutes, Kane failed to hit long-range goals. First half injury time, Walker vicious foul uprooting Azpilicueta booked. Tottenham 0-0 Chelsea temporarily level at halftime.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 51 minutes, William's free kick bounced after Lori got. The first 52 minutes, Phil Tong Heng behind the uprooting of Adjara booked. The first 54 minutes, Mason buckle Zuma after the fall, after the first reaction stood up suspected sprained ankle. The first 58 minutes, Matic turned up Erickson booked. The first 63 minutes, shooting after wall with Son Heung-Min and Lamela too positive, Begovic get directly. The first 65 minutes, Lamela elbow Matic Zhengding header, the referee did not make. The first 66 minutes, Fabregas's long pass found the area of ​​the rib Adjara, whose volley was Lori fell resolve. The first 73 minutes, replaced Njie Son Heung-Min. Then the two sides failed to rewrite the score again, and ultimately boring level Tottenham 0-0 Chelsea.

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2015/11/30 0:00:44