Today's road back to back combat rocket came challenge Detroit Pistons, poor performance in the first half so that they trailed by 28 points more than the second half of the sense of shame after the brave rockets hit back and chase the points difference 4 points, but did not give the Pistons after rocket opportunity, Drummond and Reggie Jackson - outstanding performance to help the Pistons hold victory. Eventually, the home game of the Pistons beat the Rockets 116-105 victory.

Pistons data: Reggie - Jackson scored 31 points and eight assists and five rebounds, Andre - Drummond with 24 points 13 rebounds and three blocked shots, Ersan - Ilyasova 13 points and three rebounds. Substitute aspects, Stanley - Johnson 19 points and 10 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Aaron - Baines 11 points and four rebounds.

Rocket Data: James - Harden 29 points and nine rebounds and seven assists, and Dwight - Howard 8 points, 10 rebounds and four blocked shots, Clint - Capella 11 points and five rebounds and four steals, Patrick - Beverly Lee 10 points and three assists. Substitute side, Marcus - Thornton 18 points and six rebounds, Thailand - Lawson 11 points and three assists.

Face back to back combat rocket, the piston will start to show a fiery state, Morris and Ilyasova hit consecutive shots helped the team open up the situation, followed by Reggie and Ilyasova third to help them get ahead. Rockets side state is not bad, Capella and Beverly start consecutive goals to help the team chasing points, followed by restricted Howard scored four points, plus Beverly third hit, the Rockets before the first pause ahead score. But the Rockets after returning inexplicable pause into a scoring drought, they just get into 两粒 warfare scoring 6 points in 6 minutes and 15 seconds later, the Pistons will seize the opportunity, Morris storm labeled 2 + 1, Baines Continuous paint to score, the last paragraph of the piston stroke play 17-6 offensive go-ahead score, a single section of Harding Park, the Pistons to 29-21 with 8-point advantage into the second quarter.

Second section back, the Rockets poor state still continues, they first 3 minutes 18 seconds in only rely on free throws to get 3 points, the Pistons will continue in good condition, Stanley - Johnson hit three-pointers, to score Morris continuous piston once again played the score 11-3 offensive widened to double digits. Corey - Brewer fast are labeled as 2 + 1 to help the Rockets to stabilize the situation, but this is only short-lived, the Rockets next 5 minutes and 30 seconds in relying solely on technical foul get 1 point. Piston side of the state is still strong, Drummond restricted giant general anything and everything, Reggie outside two consecutive three-pointers to make rocket crash, the piston once the lead widened to 28 points behind. The last paragraph of the rockets slightly back feeling, Capella consecutive points to grab offensive rebounds tipped succeeded, Harden last minute counterattack layup, half of Harding Park, the Rockets to 41-64 with a 23-point deficit into the second half.

Easy side battles, the continuation of the excellent state of the piston, Drummond basket singles Howard to score, Morris also hit the shot, the Pistons start to continue to maintain a big score lead. Rocket start performance relative to the average, but they soon get back the feeling was back, Howard and Harden continuous storm succeeded, Beverly outside hit the third, the Rockets played 7-0 offensive to narrow the score. Pause return rocket misfiring again somehow, but they resorted to during this period of Drummond intentional foul looking for opportunities, while Drummond only fined a total of 12 rockets hit a 3-ball to chance, but the rocket attack during their own poor It failed to reduce the points difference, with Stanley - Johnson again in the third, the Pistons regained the advantage of 20 points! Ushered in the last paragraph of the rocket counterattack, Lawson and Thornton hit consecutive three-pointers, the last paragraph of the fifth rocket attack all labeled, a wave of 12-3 offensive help them narrow the score, three cruised the Rockets to 73-84 with 11-point deficit entering the fourth quarter.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, the continuation of the state of rockets continue to chase points, Brewer fast under the lead cause foul free throws, with Houlao Sen-third again, the Rockets 7-0 offensive start to chase the points difference to 4 points. Pistons did not stop the game, Marcus - Morris key goals to help stabilize the situation piston, followed by Reggie's goal will be worse again widening to 9 points. Pause Return Harden hit three three-pointers and manufacture foul three free throws in two, but the Pistons are always ways to score, Reggie even scored three points with a fine cast firmly keep the advantage. Rockets do not have much opportunity thereafter, Thornton hit the third, but then a teenager Johnson bout will be answered with a record one-third, 10 points ahead of the piston finger firmly up and down and keep to the end. Eventually, the home game of the Pistons beat the Rockets 116-105 end two-game losing streak.

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