After the victory pelicans, sits at home today ushered in the Jazz Warriors challenge, full of young jazz playing toughness, give the Warriors the league leaders created no small trouble, the two teams deadlocked at the last moment, the last 51.9 seconds the two teams draw , big heart Curry enters crucial third, the Warriors take the initiative, not in the third after Hood lore Sir efforts fall short. Eventually, the Warriors 106-103 ho to take nineteen straight.

Sir data: Gordon - Hayward 24 points and 6 rebounds, 4 assists, Derek - Favors 23 points and 10 rebounds, Rudy - Goebel 13 points and 11 rebounds, Alec - Burks 19 points and 2 rebounds, Luo Denis - Hood 12 points and 3 assists.

Warriors data: - Stephen Curry 26 points, six rebounds and five assists, Klein - Thompson 20 points and five rebounds, Bradley Richmond - Green 20 points, nine rebounds and seven assists, Festus - Aize Li 8 points, 8 rebounds, Iraq Well - Clark 12 points and two rebounds.

Goebbels and Hood empty dunks succeeded, Hayward incident outside third, the Jazz shot an opening inside and outside of the first wave of 7-3 offensive start. Warriors side, Curry and Thompson have hit the third, Rush is also affected by the hot hand spray brothers firmly hit third lesson. Two high-quality inside the Jazz are terrific: height and arm length Goebel positive scraping rebounds and play up front to ensure that the team's offensive efficiency; Favors then hit consecutive 3 jumper to help the team clench score. Burks not in the third, the first section end of the game, the Warriors lead the Jazz to 26-20 six minutes into the second section of the game.

Section two sides continued fast-paced offense and defense, but the success rate is not high. Hayward one support from Jazz's offensive firepower: His three consecutive break layup, scored six points, the performance is very efficient. The Houbokesi finally firmly hit the third positive response, approaching the score to help the team. Section II of the second half, the Warriors feel warmer, Thompson and Clark launched into the third, the Warriors will stabilize the situation. Bradley Richmond - Green lost the offensive end today, 12 shots and hit only three, the Warriors offense also delay is difficult to open. But the Warriors teenager Clark again stood out, he was not even in 2 three-pointers, Jazz overwhelmed. Bradley Richmond - Green grab an offensive rebound tipped hit after the Warriors to 53-48 Jazz lead five minutes into the second half of the game.

Section III opening Curry with a fine cast scored four points, Thompson also stand up jumper network, allowing the Warriors extended the lead to double digits. Jazz side, Hood launched into third, Favors break dunks fired back. After half of the third quarter, Burks launched into third, Favors jumper network, the Jazz have to score points deficit to 2 points within reach, but fortunately spray brothers launched into the third, Bradley Mond - Green fouled two free throws for the team to stop bleeding. After Booker rebounds tipped hit, sect end of the game, the Warriors lead the Jazz to 83-77 five minutes into the final section of the competition.

Hood distal opening with a fine cast scored 5 points, dunks succeeded Sir Booker gradually approached the score, after persistent efforts, Sir, Berks Jazz pull-up jumper after network has been successful go-ahead score. Festival at the end of the second half, Curry was traded to play, a play on the Plug and Play Curry enters thirds stabilize the situation. The last 2 minutes, Favors inside labeled as 2 + 1, so the team 2 points ahead, but fortunately Curry hit a jumper, Bradley Richmond - Green back layup scored, the Warriors take the initiative. But Favors fouled two free throws, the disadvantage erased. The last 46 seconds, a big heart Curry enters third, Hood dumped network will be sent out to 1 minute. The last 16 seconds, not in the third Hood, Curry made two free throws to make the Warriors 106-103 away win.

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