South American World Cup qualifiers start a contest, Brazil vs. Peru. Half-Douglas - Costa opened the scoring for the Brazilian team. Felipe Augusto and each scored in the second half. Brazil 3-0 final win over Peru, made a second World Cup victory.

The first three minutes, before Alves shot hit high. After 1 minute, restricted within a small angle from the center of Guerrero fired back by Allison resolved. The first seven minutes, Farfan direct free kick from the center, Allison saved the ball fell to the ground. The first 15 minutes, Elias's long-range slightly over the bar. After 1 minute, Neymar left the restricted area small angle from the center, the ball was the other guard denied the bottom line. The first 22 minutes, the right side of the penalty area after the break sent William biography, Douglas - Costa Road Qiangdian ball crashed into the goal, 1-0! Selecao lead. The first 26 minutes, Neymar fouls were. The first 32 minutes, Neymar before the games kick hit it over the bar. The first 37 minutes, William inverted triangle pass, Neymar follow up a volley. The first 39 minutes, Douglas - Costa's free kick hit the distal end of the column pop-up, follow-up tip with Houneimaer blocked. Injury time, Elias sent pass, Neymar's barbed shot over the bar. The first half ended, temporarily Brazil 1-0 Peru.

Ex situ battles the second half, the first 47 minutes, Neymar kicked ankle Tapia received a yellow card. The first 56 minutes, Williams left the restricted area before the right foot rub shot goal far corner, Penny saved the ball fell to the ground. After 1 minute, defender William Kula Ade Wen received a yellow card foul. The first 57 minutes, Douglas - Costa after extraordinary row on the right into the box sent cross, Augusto Road, follow Tuishe 2-0! The first 64 minutes, Alves restricted area before the right foot directly hit the door, the ball rub column out. The first 67 minutes, Neymar Dianshe break but was disallowed for offside in advanced the ball is invalid. The first 77 minutes, Douglas - Costa restricted left after cutting inside foot shot, the goalkeeper did not rush the ball away after pushing Kongmen Felipe point to seal the victory, 3-0! The first 83 minutes, before the restricted area of ​​the heel knock the ball Neymar to William, who restricted left Tuishe missed. Since then the two sides no contribution, and ultimately Brazil a 3-0 win over Peru.


Brazil: Allison / Alves, Miranda, Jill, Felipe / Elias, Gustavo (78 'Fernandinho), Augusto / William (85' Oscar), Douglas - Costa (89 'Lima), Neymar

2015/11/18 1:52:04