December 1, the bottom two teams in the East and West Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia to start the contest, which is also the last time Bryant returned to his hometown race. The game has maintained a leading Los Angeles Lakers in the first half, but, despite drastic changes in the second half, the 76ers play smooth offensive will go-ahead score in one fell swoop and remain until the end of the game leading the final 76 at home 103-91 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers ended the embarrassing 18 game losing streak.

76 Data: Robert - Covington 23 points, 5 rebounds, Djalil - Okafor 12 points and five rebounds, Jeremy - Grant 14 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists, and Isaiah - Canandaigua 12 points and five assists off the bench aspect Nalun Si - Noel 14 points and 9 rebounds, Hollis - Thompson 12 points and five rebounds, TJ- McConnell 7 points and 6 assists.

Lakers data: - Kobe Bryant 20 points and five rebounds, Julius - Randall 12 points and 11 rebounds, Dan Jiluo - Russell 12 points and 4 rebounds and 4 assists, Jordan - Clarkson 19 points, five rebounds, Roy - Hibbert 6 points and 10 rebounds, and reserve aspect Louis - Williams 9 points and 1 assist.

Bryant hit a 3 opening will pull the whole game prologue, the game will enter a climax, Kobe 4 from 3-pointers, 76 people here then Covington and Canaan respectively accounted for a record third, both sides start on all words. Then slowly restore calm, both teams started playing from the inside, hit rate has declined, Canandaigua second three-pointers thrown to break the deadlock, Bryant back then thrown in the cast, Randall also trained quarter, the two sides into a tug of war. This Hounuoaier scored four points in the paint, the Lakers play here, the absence of Louis - Williams has been played, the score is always biting. The last paragraph of this section, 76 series of mistakes, Louis - Williams chase into the third, Bass succeeded in the cast, the Lakers leading the score. End of this section, Bryant 5 of 10 shots, scored 13 points, the Lakers 33-26 lead seven minutes.

Section between the back rest, the two sides hit rate has declined, Noel dunk pick Presidio grab the next section assists the first ball, Covington break layup rival, nearly 76 people tried to chase the score, fortunately Nick - Young promptly stood up, dropped 3 points to stabilize the situation in the field, Russell also hit the first shot of the game, the Lakers continue to lead the field. The middle section, both sides are caught in a period of scoring drought, only to rely on free throws, assists Russell Randall layup, the court finally warfare shots, then Kobe Bryant dropped into this game for the first 4 3 points, Stout Ilgauskas also be a response beyond the arc at halftime, the Lakers 58-50 continue to lead.

Okafor attack the basket, the 76ers head start in the second half, the Lakers within a further three minutes without any score, 76 people take this with 5 points difference will be reduced to only a thin two points. Clarkson finally hit a jumper to help the Lakers to stop bleeding, but the frustration has been unable to stop the 76ers offense, Grant dropped in the cast, Covington feel hot again hit 3 points, 76 in one fell swoop go-ahead score. Thereafter Covington and Kananga have two-thirds of a meter, respectively accounted for, but fortunately in time to stand up Clarkson scored four points, the Lakers will score biting, the end of this section, McConnell successively sent two assists, 76 After this section in 80-75 ahead by 5 points.

Into the margins game, McConnell That first shot hit, Bryant break layup to respond, Grand dunk, Russell break layup, the two sides began on all words. After the pause, 76 climax, Hollis - Thompson put 3 points, Covington long shot again hit three points, Emeka Okafor basket succeeded, 76 people gave the Lakers a 8-0 wave of attacks, points difference He has come to 14 points. Suspension back Russell and Clarkson hit a 3, Randall hit singles, the Lakers recover some poor points. But no Naihuolisi - Thompson again 3 points in the basket Okafor continue to get points, the game there is a minute and a half is still 10 points ahead of 76 people or more. Game countdown, the Lakers still could not play an effective attack, Grant dunk contest completely seal the victory.

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