The game, as starter Silva injury. After opening both sides did not rush to the offensive. The first 11 minutes, De Bruyne closed top kicker hit the door hit the post bounced back, Bernie follow Tuishe 1-0! The first 19 minutes, Silva frontcourt find Deer Fu, who closed line hit the door wide. The first 30 minutes, Manchester City slipped Bernie steals, the latter broke into restricted the right of Tui failed marked strength. The first 42 minutes, midfielder tactical foul Mangala barrier Hull counterattack booked. With Ake Punta Caballero shot was resolved. Harding Park half, Manchester City temporarily one goal lead.

Easy side battles, the first 55 minutes, De Bruyne closed top of a pretty timid shot saved by the goalkeeper. The first 59 minutes, Silva cross from the left, Bernie headed back to do, Navas follow up volley hit the right post. Stirling with Hounawasi be replaced. The first 63 minutes, De Bruyne after cutting inside the kicker hit the door, force the ball too light by goalkeeper confiscated. The first 70 minutes, Manchester City with Iheanacho replaced goal hero Bernie. The first 72 minutes, De Bruyne is crossing the restricted area rescue, Silva hit the door to keep volley wide of the right post. The first 76 minutes, Silva oblique plug find Deer Fu, Deer Fu hit the door closed line turned goalkeeper confiscated. The first 79 minutes, Deer Fu find left Stirling, who left the ball low and flat to the restricted area, Iheanacho follow shovel broke, 2-0! The first 82 minutes, Robertson headed when you want to force a little light back to the goalkeeper, after De Bruyne steals reached the restricted area, the keeper calmly lob the break, 3-0! Goals Houxierwa was substituted Demichelis, fans in the audience applause. The first 87 minutes, Manchester City kick closed arc location, De Bruyne takes the ball into the corner, Hull City defender trying to jump also failed to hit the ball, 4-0! The first two minutes of stoppage time, Robertson teammate pass into the restricted area, left a neat 4-1! Since then the two parties not to rewrite the score. He cruised to the final audience, Manchester City at home 4-1 victory over Hull City, the cut in the League Cup semi-finals.

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