Wizards at home against the Lakers, both teams are fighting back to back. The campaign Lakers outstanding performance in the first half, once established a 19-point lead. However, after the Wizards set off to chase points climax, to catch the score in the fourth quarter, both teams have been entangled to the final only to determine the winner. Kobe Bryant in the final 1 minute scored five points to help the Lakers lead. Wall in subsequent fatal mistake, the Wizards lost the chance to tie the game. In the end, the Lakers 108-104 win over the Wizards on the road to ending 7-game losing streak.

Wizards data: - John Wall 34 points, 11 assists, seven rebounds and five turnovers, Bradley - Bill 11 points, six assists and five turnovers, Marcin - Gortat 18 points and 10 rebounds, Jared - Dudley 8 points and 3 rebounds, Otto - Potter 7 points and 6 rebounds; Substitutes: Cory - Humphries 9 points and 4 rebounds, Gary - Neal 7 points and 3 assists.

Lakers data: - Kobe Bryant 31 points, 3 assists, Julius - Randall 15 points and 19 rebounds, Dan Jiluo - Russell 13 points, 4 rebounds and 4 steals 4 turnovers, Jordan - Clarkson 18 points and 4 rebounds; Substituted : Louis - Williams 12 points, 7 assists and 4 steals, Brandon - Bass 10 points and five rebounds.

After the start of the game, the Wizards home game of the first to enter the state, Bill even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, Walter attack the basket dunks and layups, Porter and Gortat also succeeded, more flowering of the Wizards in the opening obtain 12-6 lead. However, after the emergence of the state of Washington and downs, consecutive four turnovers, including a Wal-Mart people have three times. Lakers seize the opportunity to play score climax, Bryant hit in the cast, and the third, Clarkson scored 4 points, Russell also hit the third, the Grand Army played 13-0 spurt to go-ahead score 20-14, the Wizards only You can be called moratorium. After the suspension, Gortat stand out scored six points in the paint, slightly reduce the score to help the Wizards. However, the Lakers lineup in this section of the final two minutes suddenly struck the first blow, Louis - Williams and Metta World Peace hit three, Bath and Clarkson hit a jumper, the Lakers shot a wave of 10-0 to 34-22 12 points ahead the end of the first section.

Second section back, the Lakers maintained a good feeling, Bryant again in the cast and the third, Bass tipped hit in the basket rebounds, steals and fast-break dunks the Wizards completed, the Lakers and then play 9-3, They extended their lead to 18 points. However, after the Lakers hit rate decline, in three minutes, only Kobe Bryant hit a jumper scored 2 points; Wizards seize the opportunity to chase points, Wall layup, also inside Gortat scored 4 points, the Wizards answered with a wave 9- 2, the points difference narrowed somewhat. However, the Wizards in the middle of the ups and downs of this section again, they were mistakes and lost after consecutive offensive rebounds, the Lakers took the opportunity in the basket Randall scored 4 points, Luis - Williams and Metta World Peace has succeeded, the Lakers play 8-0, the lead expanded to 19 points again. But the big lead the Lakers in the final four minutes of this section a sudden power failure, they hit rate plummeted, only Kobe Bryant scored 4 points; you get the chance to play the climax of the Wizards, Wall and Bill have been shot, Humphries hit three and in the first half last attack Bulan, individual scored seven points, the Wizards blasted 17-4, at halftime to chase the score 51-57.

After the halftime break, the Wizards find thirds feel, Bill Dudley and Theo were dropped into the third, the Wizards once the go-ahead 1 point. However, after the Lakers counterattack expand, Russell was sudden foreign investment scored 4 points, Randall scored four points in the basket, the Lakers ahead again complete. Shooting teams in the second half of this holiday is not high, the Wizards shot a marked decline in the last four minutes dropped only two goals, scored 4 points; the Lakers feel is cool, they only get 6 points. Section III cruised the Lakers to 78-75 lead three minutes.

The last 12 minutes of the contest, the Wizards lineup early in the fourth to take the initiative, Neil hit two jumpers, Sessions layup scored 4 points, the Wizards shot a wave of 11-4, one stroke ahead score. However, after the emergence of the state of Washington and downs, shot and it appears many mistakes. Lakers seize the opportunity to set off the offensive, Louis - Williams and Bryant hit the third, Russell layup, the Lakers play 8-1 to regain the lead. But Wal-Mart in the last paragraph of this section opened scoring model, he succeeded in sudden foreign investment continuously, individual scored eight points to help the Wizards ahead again. After Clarkson and Theo exchange, both continuous foul, hit four free throws, leading the Wizards to continue. However, Bryant in the final 1 minute to stand up and dropped into third in the cast, personal scored five points to help the Lakers regain the lead. Wall fatal mistake in the final, the Lakers completed steal this victory.

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