Southampton aspect of the game Fontenay and Rodriguez sidelined, Pellet rejoin. Liverpool Sturridge starting debut, goalkeeper Bogdan also get a chance. Less than a minute start, Bertrand winger, leaping over horses beat Moreno, a mind shakes Leipzig send the ball goal nets, 1-0! Southampton made a dream start. Then Southampton offensive unabated, the first 5 minutes, Wan Amazon's header again tested the Bogdan. During this time the two sides you come to me, mutual offense and defense. The first 25 minutes, a long pass just over the middle of Qiao Alun accurately find Sturridge, who face Caulker calm low shot, the ball fly to score the lower right corner of the door, 1-1! Just over four minutes, Emre - Zhan's cross fell after bypassing Caulker point in time to disrupt Sturridge shot to break again, 1-2! Sturridge scored twice to score the go-ahead. Scores fall behind Southampton attempt to strengthen the attack, but Liverpool hold our ground and did not give opponents too many chances left, but the repeated use of rapid counter-attack threat to the rival penalty area. First half injury time, Lallana takes the corner kick, the ball is the top to the edge of the area, Moreno towards the ball blasts kicker, the ball hit the Ao Liji slightly changed to fly to score the net, 1-3! Saints players protest interference rival goalkeeper but the referee allowed the goal. The first half ended, Liverpool 3-1 lead Southampton.

During the break neither substitutions adjustments. The first 50 minutes, Southampton midfielder cross, Pellet shot under goalkeeper hugged Skrtel interference. Southampton continued the right-sided attack routine but mediocre results. The first 59 minutes, Klopp took the lead to make adjustments, goalscorer Sturridge replaced by teenager Eby rest. The first 63 minutes, Koeman even for two, Shane - Long and Ward-Prowse debut replaced Soares and Kela Xi. The first 68 minutes, Liverpool counterattack, Eby sent Zhise, kill the ball to the restricted area Ao Liji sudden Shi Leng Jian, Lancaster Karen Berger could not stop the ball network, 1-4! The first 73 minutes, Ao Liji heel pass, Moreno crosses just debut teenager Eby towards the ball blasts, 1-5! Houqiaoalun be substituted with Henderson. The first 77 minutes, Smith replaced Moreno, Romeu replaced Davis, both run out of substitutions. The first 86 minutes, teenager Smith cross from the left, in Luaoliji headed home 1-6! Final match will end, Liverpool 6-1 away victory over Southampton semifinals.

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