2015 MSN portfolio has scored 125 goals for Barcelona, ​​Uruguayan striker Suarez which contributed 40 goals.

Suarez on Thursday to participate in the activities of Adidas interviewed.

"I suffered a lot before they came here, this is an effect of whom I've always wanted the club."

"Even if (another club) gave me three times or four times the salary, I would not leave, my family is very happy here, I can not leave the next few years, I want to be here many, many years, I can not guarantee to retire here, but if you leave will be much later. "

When asked whether Messi will leave Barcelona, ​​Suarez said: "Messi is now the club is very happy, very well, so I think that Messi can not go, his family is very happy, and he put everything He gave the club. "

Speaking different Messi and C Ronaldo, Suarez said: "Messi is born only to learn he was shot with his right foot, C Lo is very good his progress every year, but Messi is so small, he is born, he will remain for a long time the world's best. "

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2015/12/4 1:45:14