Miami sits at home today ushered in a challenge in the western powerhouse Thunder, the two teams played very stalemate audience, repeatedly alternating the lead. Last 29.3 seconds, tied the game 95-95 level, not in the third after Durant, Wade break caused by foul, free throws made two free throws in the key, let the Heat to 97-95 home win.

Heat data: Dwyane - Wade 28 points and 4 rebounds and 4 assists, Chris Bosh - 16 points and eight rebounds, Golan - Dragic 14 points and seven assists, Hassan - Whiteside 11 points and eight rebounds, about Josh - Mike Roberts 12 points and 4 assists.

Data Thunder: Russell - Westbrook 25 points, five rebounds and seven assists, Kevin - Durant 25 points, nine rebounds and five assists, Dion - Wei Tesi 13 points, three rebounds, Steven - Adams 9 points, 8 rebounds , Sergio - Ibaka 9 points and 7 rebounds.

An opening from both teams opened the inside: Adams rebounds hook shot, the white side is also immediately fired back inside even in the two goals. Durant received two fouls early opening was benched to rest, the Thunder offense more breakthrough by the Westbrook fouled up points with free throws as a team. Compared Thunder singles, Miami is playing without the ball more. Heat no less adjustment defensive strategy against Granville, Granville less make anything and everything on the offensive end, not yet the end of the first quarter had six shots 4 scored 15 points. One of Harding Park, Thunder 28-23 lead five minutes into the second section of the Heat game.

Section Taylor - Johnson makes a layup, Mike Roberts jumper network, the Heat will be worse closer to 1 minute. After the Heat make persistent efforts, Dragic and Mike Roberts jumper and then, the Heat will be successful go-ahead score. Durant today feel cold, 5 shots and hit only one, and even the free throws only two of three free throws. The second half of the second quarter, Wade hit two consecutive layup, Bosh layup the ball firmly network, the Heat and Thunder clench score. Wade missed a jumper, the first half end of the game, the Thunder to 51-50 lead one minute into the second half of the Heat game.

The second half, Wade dumped network, Dragic hit a jumper, layup backhand inside Bosh, the Heat shot a wave of 10-4 offensive in the second half, forcing the Thunder request for suspension. Suspension back, Wei less breakthrough fouled two free throws, Durant feel warmer enters the third, for the Thunder to save face. Wade extremely efficient today, after his break layup, and then step-back jumpers network eyesight. Durant pull not in the third, the third quarter ended, the Thunder leading the Heat to 76-74 two minutes into the final section of the competition. Three Harding Park, Thunder two little close cut 44 points.

Distal opening, Wei Tesi even with the cast suddenly scored 9 points, but the Heat responded immediately here: Winslow jumper network, Mike Roberts scored inside. Finally, after 2 minutes, Wade fight back dunks succeeded, the Heat go-ahead score 2 points. But Durant launched into the third, let the Thunder take the initiative. The last 29 seconds, tied the game 95-95 level, after Durant pull not in the third, Wade bottom line break caused by foul free throws, leaving the Thunder 1.5 seconds, Granville vote of no less strong, the Heat In 97-95 home win.

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2015/12/4 1:49:21