European qualification playoff ended the last two games of the competition. Ultimately, the 2-2 draw with Sweden, Denmark, with a total score of 4-3 to qualify; Ukraine 1-1 draw in Slovenia, with a total score of 3-1 to qualify. Thus, Sweden and Ukraine qualify for 2016 France became the last two European Cup team.

So far, to participate in the 2016 European Cup France 24 teams have been determined, they are: France, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Turkey, Belgium, Wales, Spain, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, England, Switzerland, Ireland, Romania, Austria Russia, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Albania, Hungary, Ireland, Sweden, Ukraine.

French European Cup finals the draw will be local time at 18:00 on December 12th were, along with Sweden and Ukraine qualify for the final draw sub-file has also been released.

First gear: Spain, Germany, England, Portugal, Belgium

The second tranche: Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Ukraine

Third tranche: the Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary

Fourth gear: Turkey, Iceland, Ireland, Wales, Albania, Northern Ireland


1. The host of the French team is not included in the sub-file, they will automatically occupy position A1.

2. The sub-file coefficient rule: the 2012 European Cup scores (including the qualifying stage) accounted for 20%, the 2014 World Cup performance (including the qualifying stage) accounted for 40%, 2016 European Cup qualifier scores accounted for 40%.

2016 French European Cup will be held June 10 start, 24 teams will be divided into A to F six teams altogether, before each group of two and four best scores 3 star knockout. The European Cup final will be in local time July 10 at 9:00 pm.

2015/11/18 2:00:25