A 21-game winning streak away to the red-hot warrior today Nets, Curry last paragraph in the third quarter in just two and a half minutes scored 11 points to help the Warriors go-ahead score to reverse the decline, but in the fourth quarter the Warriors bench play a wave of 19-8 offensive to establish a 17-point lead in one fell swoop to seal the victory. In the end, away from home to 114-98 victory over the Nets Warriors won the first 22 games in a row.

Nets data: Thaddeus - Young scored 25 points and 14 rebounds, and Brook - Lopez 18 points, eight rebounds and three assists, Jarrett - Jack 11 points and four rebounds and five assists. Substitute side, Sean - Larkin 13 points and six assists and four steals.

Warriors data: Stephen - Curry 28 points and five rebounds, Klein - Thompson 21 points, three rebounds and three assists, Bradley Richmond - Green 22 points and nine rebounds and seven assists. Substitute aspects, Festus - Aize Li 12 points and five rebounds, Leandro - Leandro Barbosa 11 points 3 rebounds.

State fiery warrior opening to give the Nets a mind blow, Thompson even in two three-pointers, the Warriors 9-0 offensive force early Nets called timeout, pause return Houjie Ke dumped hit to help the Nets to break the deadlock , gradually get back the feeling of the Nets made Lopez and Joe - Johnson's goal hot pursuit score. Warriors early into their own state, Curry then hit the third, Green steals fast unguarded easy dunk, the Warriors excellent condition to help them build an early double-digit lead. Nets can not find a good way, can not restrict their opponents on the defensive end, the offensive end also repeatedly blacksmith, who was 4 minutes and 20 seconds in only rely on free throws to get 1 point, and during the Warriors will play a wave of 10-1 offensive widening the score to 17 points! Nets last paragraph of getting back the feeling, Thaddeus - Young tipped succeeded, Larkin last paragraph labeled as 2 + 1, but add confiscated to hit, a single section of Harding Park, the Nets 16-30 behind 14 points into the first two.

Second section back, although the Nets still not guard Warriors attack, but their offense is not bad, Larkin even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, Lopez and Markel Brown - jointly scored seven points, the Nets start a little advantage and catching the score. Champion's performance is not bad, especially outside Barbosa hit the third, the Warriors once hit four goals in five shots and firmly keep the advantage. Since then the two sides play the exchange, Bradley Richmond - Green labeled 2 + 1 and hit the third, the library also has three points for Houston shortly thereafter, they rely on intensive firepower to stay ahead. After the Nets in exchange that the anti-lived pressure last paragraph to find the opportunity, they grab Warriors 1 minute 45 seconds in the last paragraph of not scoring opportunities ushered back, Thaddeus - Yang Lian scored 4 points, Jack-third foul and manufacturing three free throws, plus Joe - Johnson third, the Nets shot a wave of 12-0 offensive strong narrow the score. Harding Park half, the Nets 54-578 rely on this wave of offensives to end the first half of the contest.

Easy side battles, the Nets continued with good play, Lopez teamed Thaddeus - Young scored four points start, the Nets once complete lead. Warriors rely on Thompson's goal to break the deadlock, but apparently the team's offense has not he good way. Nets make persistent efforts here, driven by Jack Nets once beaten all four offensive team has gradually achieved a slight advantage. Curry thirds still not unreasonable, but the overall state of the Warriors is not very good, but fortunately in the last paragraph of the third quarter of them back feel, especially the library! He scored 11 points after 2 minutes and 30 seconds in, including two three-pointers and a record 2 + 1, a powerful personal performance to help the Warriors instantly reverse the situation. Three cruised brave warriors rely Curry hit a wave of 15-4 offensive play and ended the third quarter with 87-80.

The two sides starting lineup distal Nets Bogdanovic'll start to rely on catching the score, but the Warriors bench to score the Nets an insight into the explosive power of outside Barbosa hit two consecutive three-pointers, Spey Mainz then storm into 2 + 1, the Warriors played a wave of 19-9 start strong offensive opened the score. Warriors assigned to the fourth quarter from the third quarter behind four go-ahead 17 points only spent 7 minutes 30 seconds, the amazing explosive also proved a powerful team. Nets were beaten senseless never to get back the state, they are later in this section 8 minutes 50 seconds in only scored three goals. Warriors completely take over the game. Eventually, the road warriors fighting to easily beat the Nets 114-98 ho to take 22-game winning streak.

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