Raptors at home to usher challenge the Lakers, the Lakers made a game to adjust the starting lineup, Russell and Randall off the bench to change. Lakers in the game most of the time biting the score, but the sudden loss of feeling in their last game, the Raptors shot a wave of 11-0, this away game victory. Ultimately, the Raptors beat the Lakers 102-93 to end 2-game losing streak at the same time, gave the Lakers three straight.

Raptors data: Kyle - Lori 27 points, seven rebounds and six assists, Demar - DeRozan 16 points, six assists and five rebounds, Terrence - Rose 22 points and six rebounds, Bismarck - Billon Bo 15 points and 13 rebounds ; Substitutes: Corey - Joseph 14 points and 2 rebounds.

Lakers data: - Kobe Bryant 21 points and 8 rebounds, 4 assists, Jordan - Clarkson 13 points, five rebounds, Roy - Hibbert 6 points and 4 rebounds, Luis - Williams 15 points and 3 rebounds; Subs: Dan Jiluo - Russell 9 points and 3 rebounds, Julius - Randall 15 points and 11 rebounds.

The first section of the game, but the Lakers took the lead away from home into the state, Hibbert, Clarkson and Kobe Bryant hit a jumper, respectively up, Louis - Williams dropped into the third, the Lakers play 9-3 start. Bryant later again in the jumper, and assists Clarkson dunk, the Lakers further widening the score, the Raptors quickly called moratorium. After the pause, the Lakers hit rate fell in three minutes in the continuous shot, the Raptors seize the opportunity to chase points, Terrence - Ross hit three steals and complete one-stop dunk, the Raptors answered with a wave 8-0, Successful completion overtake. Terence feel hot - Ross again in the third at the end of this section, the Raptors 25-22 lead three minutes the first section.

Second section returned in sudden foreign investment DeRozan scored 4 points off the bench Joseph also continuous succeeded, scored five points, the Raptors extended their lead seven minutes. Raptors after Yuezhanyueyong Lori dropped 2 three-pointers, the Raptors set up a double-digit lead in one fell swoop. But the Lakers have subsequently responded, Hibbert, Clarkson and other succeeded, the Lakers 6-0, once the points deficit to single digits. However, Lori feel hot again at the end of this section even in 2 three-pointers, to help the Raptors re-opened the score. Harding Park half, the Raptors 52-42 lead with 10 points.

After the halftime break, the Lakers in the early part of the third quarter off offensive chase points, Luis - Williams launched into third, Clarkson layup, Bryant also foreign investment in sudden scored six points, the Lakers once the points deficit to 1 Minute. However, the Raptors answered with timely, Billon Bo scored five points in the basket, DeRozan and Joseph also scored, the Raptors answered with 9-2, the lead re-opened. But the Lakers' bench in the last paragraph of this section again played offensive to chase points, Ci Shiping hit the third, Randall tipped labeled as 2 + 1, Russell also scored 4 points, the Lakers play 10-2, the two teams in battle into 71 level at the end of the third quarter.

Finally a contest, DeRozan one up into 2 + 1, Joseph and Terence - Rose, also scored, but the Lakers bench also maintained a good feel, Randall basket succeeded retaliate, Russell hit third, the Lakers biting score. Although Bryant hit the third and in the cast, but the Lakers the ball dropped at the crucial moment, they hit rate fell in three minutes in a row and not in the scoreless. Toronto took the opportunity to hit the climax, Lori Lane sudden foreign investment scored 4 points, DeRozan scored 3 points, Lori also assists Biyombo complete dunk, the Raptors shot a wave of 11-0, in one fell swoop to establish two several leading this victory.

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