Two-game losing streak of 76 people today to take home the challenges ushered in the Spurs, Ginobili and Duncan holiday despite Leonard's absence due to gastroenteritis, but the Spurs still under the leadership of Parker and Aldridge, in the first quarter made a 16-point lead, will lead to further expansion after, eventually 119-68 away win.

76 Data: Robert - Covington 13 points and six rebounds, Nalun Si - Noel 13 points and six rebounds, Djalil - Okafor 10 points and 4 rebounds, Nick - Stout Ilgauskas 13 points and 1 rebound. Jeremy - Grant 5 points and 4 rebounds.

Spurs data: LaMarcus - Aldridge 26 points and nine rebounds, Tony - Parker 12 points and 4 rebounds and 6 assists, Matt - Bonner 9 points and 3 assists, Danny - Green 3 points and 2 rebounds, Patty - Mills 4 points and 4 assists.

Duncan and Leonard truce in this field, Kyle - Anderson and David - West is put on the starter. Parker positive impact inside an opening, he dumped the bottom line break fouled two free throws, the Spurs first 2 points, followed by Noel low stand firmly hit fired back jumper. Bonner-thirds after the incident, Covington immediately answered with two three-pointers network, the performance is not much better. After half of the first quarter, Parker and Aldridge together to prop up the Spurs offensive firepower, Parker three consecutive break layup, Aldridge also connected in 2 jumper, the Spurs shot a wave of 12-0 offensive, fortunately Stout Ilgauskas dribble network stop the tide. After Simmons made two free throws, the first end of the game, the Spurs to 33-17 lead 16 minutes into the second section 76 of the competition.

Section Opening David - after West jumper network, and then hook shot, followed by jumper in Bonner positive response. 76 people here, Noel received Kanan assists dunks succeeded to become one of the few bright spots on the offensive end. After half of the second quarter, the Spurs did not slow down the offensive, Lazio Seoul - Butler enters third, Aldridge also scored 4 points, 76 people are nothing. Spurs offensive efficiency compared to more than 60%, 76 others as low as 30%, the gap considerably. Lazio Seoul - Butler after the buzzer jumper, the first half end of the game, the Spurs to 65-29 lead 76 minutes into the second half of the match 36. Aldridge first half, 9 of 13 shots, scored 20 points and 9 rebounds.

After halftime adjustments, 76ers offensive rebound: Grant rebounds tipped hit, Noel continuous inside scoring, Okafor turnaround jumper into the net. But the Spurs did not let down our guard, Aldridge hit a layup and a jumper after another, Mills jumper trip there, the points difference continued poor. Kanan and Rothen today feel the cold, they total 11 shots 0, sluggish performance. Maria Norwich hook into 2 + 1, the Spurs have come ahead 40 points. Hollis - Thompson missed a jumper, the third quarter ended, the Spurs to 96-52 lead 44 minutes into the last 76 of the competition one.

Distal 76 young people are not able to regain a huge backward points difference, with the continuous reduction in the time, the game gradually lost suspense, despite Duncan, holiday Leonard and Manu Ginobili of the field, but seasoned Spurs eventually 119-68 easy to harvest four straight, but also gave 76 people three-game losing streak.

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2015/12/7 23:51:35