Ferguson Abu warning, dismissal Mourinho would be a stupid decision.

Eighth league encounter after losing Mourinho again charged with pressure. "Daily Mirror" broke the news that even if the week can not save the Blues beat Porto coach. However, Ferguson sound behind Mike Mussina, hope Abu Chelsea wait through the crisis.

Ferguson said: "Over the past ten years a lot of coaches Abu fired, but I think he gains experience from which he had been able to defuse the crisis Mourinho confident dismissal of the history of one of the best coaches pointless him. He won two Champions League, coached the national league have harvested the league. He would be foolish to dismiss the decision is a thoroughly bad arrangement. Leadership is not the case. "

"I have been concerned about Mourinho, and he talked several times. It was his first time to face such a dilemma. Throughout his career, was a straight upward curve. So far, the first in his life second encounter such a major blow opinion, this is a huge challenge, but there are indications that he will let things get back on track and restore the former level, even in a losing weekend. "

"All good leaders will eventually find a solution. I believe Mourinho will be the case. It now appears that the situation is not very good, but I know him, this situation will not last long."

"The crisis in Courtois from injury; Terry's early season performance is non-optimal state, which in turn is a loss, he is the leader of the team lost two players who affect a very large United greatest. advantage is stability. lose the league title is nothing, there is next season. No dynasty is eternal, this season's title is not necessarily a good performance next season. Defending champion Chelsea into a bottleneck. sustain success up to five years, six years Even seven years of very, very difficult. The secret is to eliminate complacency. If I won the league, the first thing next season is to beat the players, let them remember the responsibility and the new goal of the season. smug become a disease. I have always valued them because I always worry about their step backward. Fortunately we have been very stable, and once Manchester United lost the league title next season we will regain to. "

"Building team spirit and strengthen the team is equally important, which shares the spiritual forces ultimately will be very, very powerful."

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2015/12/7 23:59:22