Manchester United set off the road after 8 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses record 29 points ranked first four Premier League standings, the last round of the Champions League team 0-0 Eredivisie giants PSV Eindhoven boring level. Wolfsburg Bailei home after seven wins, four draws and four losses with 25 points in the Bundesliga standings record ranked five, the last round of the Champions League team with Xu Earle goals and opponents Oolong 2 -0 win over CSKA Moscow. After opening the two sides quickly into the state, the first three minutes, many Earle Kruse received the ferry headed after volley the ball high. The first 10 minutes, Mata closed front sent exquisite pass, Marchal offside after the ball plug in the face of Leo Burnett cool Tui small-angle ball into the 0-1, Manchester United the lead. Just over four minutes later, R- Rodriguez high quality free kick to the penalty box, before Naldo grab Smolin body Dianshe volley the ball into the 1-1, the two sides back to the same starting line. The first 17 minutes, scraping down vieirinha Damian foul, the referee decisive to produce to him the game's first yellow card. The first 29 minutes, Wolfsburg before the games start in a tie, Draxler sent the ball into the restricted area cross, vieirinha keep Kongmen succeeded, 2-1. The first 45 minutes, Lin Jiade may pass like shooting from outside the area after the ball bounced out of fleeing into the net, the referee because of offside position while Mata interference penalty disallowed the goal keeper. After two minutes of stoppage time the game into the intermission, Manchester United 1 goal behind temporarily.

Easy side again after the war the two teams did not choose to make personnel adjustments at halftime. The first 54 minutes, Trey applied because the sidewalks were scraping down Memphis foul after oral referee. Shortly thereafter, many Earle process back on defense tackles tipped Lin Jiade foul, the referee yellow card warning to its decisive. The first 59 minutes, Manchester United instigated offensive front court, Fellaini header Zhengding was defensive player of the struggling denied, then Memphis small angle side volley shot Beinaliao brave closed out from the gate line. 4 minutes later, Xu Earle turned lob from outside the area, the ball rolled back quickly Degea brave saved, Manchester United escaped. The first 68 minutes, quite close Kruse rubbing threatening shot column missed Manchester United defense again and again in an emergency. Followed by Manchester United and then make adjustments, Carrick and Powell came off the bench at the same time trying to restore the tide. After 3 minutes, Naldo down the line of the penalty area Marshall received a yellow card, then Memphis free kick from the center, draw a curve ball touching the column wide. The first 82 minutes, Manchester United a corner create a threat, Fellaini header Zhengding Jilawoji confusion caused accidentally headed own goal, 2-2.1 minutes later, Wolfsburg re corner, Naldo header completed a brace, 3-2. The next time the score could not be rewritten again, after three minutes of stoppage time the referee whistle ended the match will Maji Ci.

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