Field operations Pacers Warriors challenge today ushered in 22 straight, also has a good record of Walker was most likely looking at the recent pace of team-game winning streak end the Warriors, but Klein - Thompson hit 8 half note one-third and sent 29 minutes opened the score early. Distal Pacers hit back, their 28 points in the fourth quarter behind the situation will be worse once chase six points, but this time time running out. Eventually, the road warriors fighting to beat the Pacers 131-123 made 23 consecutive victories.

Pacers data: - Paul George scored 33 points, eight rebounds and six assists and three steals, CJ- Myers 24 points and four rebounds, George - Hill 12 points and two rebounds. Substitute side, Chase - Budinger 12 points and seven rebounds.

Warriors data: - Stephen Curry scored 29 points and 10 assists, seven rebounds and three steals, Klein - Thompson hit 10 three-pointers scored 39 points, seven rebounds and six assists, Andrew - Andrew Bogut 14 points and 10 rebounds and two blocked shots. Substitute aspects, Festus - Aize Li 12 points and five rebounds.

Pacers beginning stages hot hand, George took the lead tipped scored two points, followed by manufacturing Myers-third foul and scored five points, the Pacers offense was six rounds all have scored for Houston and made seven-point lead . Warriors side performance as well, Curry scored two points to break the deadlock took the lead, followed by his 2 + 1 hot pursuit to help the team score. Clay - Thompson third turning point, early into the state of Thompson Thereafter state hot unstoppable, he dropped in the first quarter of the 4 three-pointers plus one-third foul caused, fiery state help the Warriors soon to reverse the situation and take the initiative to control the scene, plus Curry scored 13 points in this section is also the outstanding performance, the Warriors single H-44 points and establish an early 16-point lead.

Second section back, was beaten senseless Pacers have not recovered feeling, taking advantage of the Warriors scored six points to widen the lead. Lavoie - Allen scored in the paint to help the Pacers to break the deadlock, then George - Hill 3 + 1 to help the team to stabilize the situation, the Pacers slowly get back the feeling and continue to score. But fully from the potential of the Warriors can regardless of their sharp counterattack, unreasonable shooting is no way to let the Pacers, Warriors had 6 shots hit 5 balls, fiery state to help them stay ahead of the 20 points up and down. Return of the Warriors suspend state began to fall, the Pacers rely George outstanding offensive play 8-0 score to catch up again. However, the first section was fantastic splash brothers do not agree, especially Klein - Thompson, he again hit four three-pointers in just 2 minutes and 40 seconds, the Pacers during Myers also hit a record three two points, but the face hanging open Klein - Thompson, they are still unable to narrow the score. Half of Harding Park, George rush to vote not in the third, the Pacers to 60-79 with a 19-point deficit into the second half.

Easy side battles, the Warriors continue to maintain the excellent condition, Bogut opening three successive dunks inside Pacers ravaged, fortunately Pacers offensive performance is not bad, George became the mainstay of the team, he relies on personal the ability to hit consecutive shots for the team to stabilize the situation, then George Myers steals layup and then in. Stalemate is Klein - Thompson! His third general hanging open unstoppable, even in the two three-pointers to score again widening. Walker then state began to fall, if not rely Paul - George and George - Hill last two three-pointers, their points difference even greater. Warriors here rely Curry scored five points in the third quarter ending 111-83.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, as the Eastern Conference, the Pacers obviously do not want to give up, the team also played offensive convincing, they hit a wave 12-0 wave flow strong narrow the score before the first pause, in which Budinger was fantastic, he first hit the third, followed by manufacturing one-third foul and three free throws, one person contributed 8 points to become the team hero. Warriors in the game after the last three minutes and 45 seconds to get back the feeling, Rush critical moment two three-pointers to help the Warriors to stabilize the situation. But Walker did not end the pace to chase points, relying on positive scraping they scored eight points to score narrowed to single digits, their enthusiasm to help them in a bout grabbed four offensive rebounds. Fortunately, the big score advantage Warriors squandered enough of them, and Curry's key shots to stabilize the situation lead. Eventually, the Warriors 131-123 away from home beat the Pacers won the victory.

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