After New York defeated the Rockets moved to challenge Washington Wizards, James - Harden changed on a decline, his audience under the H-42 points, nine rebounds and seven assists, while labeled as a key 2 + 1 in the final moments and steals and Brewer layup assists lead. Eventually, the rocket away from home beat the Wizards 109-103 win victory.

Wizards data: - John Wall scored 26 points, 12 assists and nine rebounds and three steals, Bradley - Bill 15 points and six rebounds and seven turnovers bad, Marcin - Gortat 18 points and 13 rebounds Otto - Porter 13 points and five rebounds. Substitute aspects, Ramon - Sessions 9 points 4 rebounds.

Rocket Data: James - Harden 23 audience voted 13 scored 42 points 9 rebounds and 7 assists, but also seven turnovers, Patrick - Beverly 14 points four rebounds and four assists, Dwight - Howard only take to 4 points and nine rebounds, Corey - Brewer 15 points, seven rebounds and three assists. Substitute side, Marcus - Thornton 9 points 1 steals.

Wizards today to welcome back their starting center Gortat is printed, the Wizards took the lead with his tipped to get the two points. Rockets start the performance even better, the starting lineup to replace the injured Trevor Ariza lead Brewer hit the third, then his fast under dunks to help the team open up the situation, the basket also create Murder Capella thereafter, he continuously basket dunk to help the Rockets lead. Wizards feel relatively normal, after a pause return rely Wall goal scored two points, followed by Porter's three points to help the Wizards to stabilize the situation. Since then the two sides gradually fall offensive, holding a leading third rocket rely Harden re-opened the score, the first section of Harding Park, Howard and Jones inside this combination together 4 penalty 3, ending the first quarter to help the Rockets to 30-17 .

Second section of the two sides began the bench rotation, the Rockets feel quite cold here, 3 minutes and 15 seconds before the start in goal only rely Motel basket to get two points, the Wizards a little better, Bill and Sessions goal to help them take 4 points. Houston took the lead back feeling, Thornton and two three-pointers in Beverley again to help the Rockets opened the situation, but the Wizards here quickly fired back, Bill and Neil's two three-pointers succeed to stabilize the situation. Since then the two teams into the exchange mode, Harden's two three-pointers to help the Rockets firmly keep double-digit lead. Wizards here rely on Bill and Gortat scored seven points in the performance of hot pursuit score. Rocket stalemate once again hit the third, then the last paragraph Beverly Harden hit the third ball, which also helped the Rockets to a 56-47 halftime contest.

Halftime break back, and even rocket start in three balls, but then suddenly and inexplicably into a scoring drought, in the next 3 minutes and 15 seconds without a point where they are. Wizards then seize the opportunity, driven by Wall Wizards shot a wave of 11-0 offensive quickly reduce the score to 1 minute. Thornton's shooting to help the Rockets to stabilize the situation, the Wizards hit back again after a short silence, Walter's performance is still good, he continuously rely on personal breakthrough and shooting ability to help the Wizards go-ahead score, and Porter have been hit with Gortat free throws, the Wizards once made six-point lead. The key moment of the Rockets once again boomed, Harden rely on individual ability and chopped 10 points led his unit to play 12-0 offensive go-ahead score again. Wizards immediately fired back, Bill 2 + 1 is no way the Rockets, while Sessions last moment to break away bottom line labeled 2 + 1 again exceeded the score. Three cruised the Rockets to 82-83 with a 1-point deficit entering the fourth quarter.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, the Wizards make persistent efforts, Sessions and Walter succeeded continuous hoop, followed by rapid counterattack, the Wizards trio a small space in the basket twice quickly pass to the Temple and to follow up layup, the Wizards scored eight points again start to get 6 points advantage. Rockets still bad situation here, relying on third Beverly continued life. At a critical moment Brewer hit two quick points, the old Terry fast counter-attack, no adjustment in the corner hit the third, the Rockets scene gradually occupy the initiative. Wall became the Wizards most rely on the player, his two jumpers to help the Wizards firmly observe a slight advantage. But nonetheless rocket runaway again, Terry and Beverly's two three-pointers to help the Rockets go-ahead score, followed by a layup and Terry Thornton shooting for the Rockets to control the situation. Harden stalemate key labeled 2 + 1 take the initiative, then Harden steals and assists Walter Brewer layup in transition, in the case of the game with 40 seconds to establish five points advantage Rockets lead. Thereafter Wizards continuous grab missed shots, the Rockets beat the Wizards 109-103 in order to get the final victory.

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