News from ESPN and Houston Chronicle and other media said the rocket players spontaneously held a players meeting.

Rockets now lost its fourth straight with a total score of 4 wins and 7 losses came in the first 11 west. Faced with the dilemma now, this morning the players themselves organized a conference to explore the problem.

Houwei Tai - Lawson said today's players meeting "very constructive." As one of the sponsors of the conference, he said: "The coach would say, 'You run about the pick and roll.' And we do in the field is another thing no matter what the coach said, we have to go to practice. We need to unify our thinking. The most important is to let everything be done orderly. "

The center Dwight - Howard and reluctant to dwell on the content of the meeting, but said the results make people feel awkward now, but the team continued to focus on how to maintain the competitive level.

Harden said: "This is a very good dialogue since the beginning of this season, we have not so good trench through now, everything is gone..."

Rockets then open to the media training, Harden and Macdaniels playing one on one offense and defense. Reporters noted that the Rockets players have maintained a smile on their faces, and there is no depressing atmosphere.

2015/11/18 2:13:14