Barca make many of the field staff rotation, teenager Kaputumu starter. The first 11 minutes, Leverkusen before the games kick, Calhanoglu kick curve ball from the center, Teershite root ball flying saved. The first 16 minutes, Barcelona before Fanqiang, Sandro restricted area near the line of lateral the ball after trying low shot, the ball was confiscated Leno. The first 20 minutes, Rakitic front court sent Zhise Messi offside go past the goalkeeper and easily push Kongmen succeeded, 1-0! The first 23 minutes, Bellarabi cross from the left, a leak before the point of Kanpur, Hernandez Road towards the ball straight field goal, 1-1! The first 25 minutes, Bellarabi try long shots from outside the area, the ball wide of the right goal post. The first 26 minutes, Samper ball, Alba left inverted triangle back pass, Macy keep up with the shot hit the side-netting. The first 38 minutes, Leverkusen Qianchangduanqiu, Calhanoglu the ball to try long shots, the ball fell to the ground confiscated by Teershite root. The first 39 minutes, Rakitic from outside the area long-range wide of the left goal post. Harding Park half, the two sides 1-1 draw.

Easy side battles, the first 50 minutes, Adriano headed the rescue mistakes, Mehmet Mehdi broke into the restricted area Tuishe far corner wide. The first 51 minutes, shooting after Akira Weiermalun Bellarabi Hernandez hit him, and then the ball was goalkeeper confiscated. The first 60 minutes, to get the ball inside the restricted area Tui Calhanoglu angle is too positive. The first 61 minutes, the field after the siege mistakes Alba, Bellarabi got the ball into the restricted area Tui was saved, follow Cramer tip missed the bottom line. The first 70 minutes, played replaced Mehmet Mehdi Kiessling, Bayer Leverkusen last-ditch attempt. The first 73 minutes, Leverkusen sent before the games straight, Bellarabi Teershite root shot was blocked the ball. Followed by Barcelona with Camara replaced Alba. After over 81 minutes, Kiessling rid the area hit the door marked power failure. The first 89 minutes, Kiessling cross back in the box, Hernandez hit a shot out towards the ball. Moyes Leverkusen have a chance, but unfortunately Bellarabi's low shot was saved Teershite root cross body. Cruised to the final audience, Bayer Leverkusen 1-1 draw away to Barcelona, ​​Barcelona final results of the first qualifying group, while pharmaceutical companies due to the relationship between row after winning in Rome, has been eliminated, then they will be in Europe Union Cup campaign.

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