The game away from home in Arsenal usher Shengsizhizhan, Wenger discharge attack formation, Walcott into the starting, Sanchez still absent because of injury. Arsenal must win after opening sights on trying to launch, the home team is hold onto first. The first nine minutes, the restricted area within Futunisi diving booked. The first 18 minutes, Ramsey same tactical foul booked. This time Arsenal offensive very quickly, but not much practical opportunity. The first 21 minutes, Miliwojie Abramovich Houchangchangzhuan, Pardo shot blocked the ball back, Sebastien to keep long-range higher, Olympiakos try Houchangchangzhuan direct threat to opponents. The first 25 minutes, Campbell cross from the right, within the restricted area fell to the ground fire Flamini hit the crossbar, then get Giroux header was Roberto, Arsenal missed opportunities. The first 29 minutes, Ramsey bottom line pass in front of Giroux header Qiangdian Leipzig Roberto flutter a bit, but failed to stop the ball network, 1-0! After scoring Arsenal's offensive Sheng, repeatedly found opportunities in the frontcourt. The first 40 minutes, the home team pass in the left front of the siege almost led Coase Czerny Oolong. The first half ended, temporarily Arsenal 1-0 Olympiakos.

Opening the second half shortly Giroux sprained ankle in the scraping. The first 49 minutes, Campbell sent straight plug, just return to the venue of Giroux plug Tuishe 2-0! Arsenal maintain this score will advance to the elimination round. Olympiakos frenzied attack, the first 58 minutes, Futunisi's long-range flying saved by Cech. The first 66 minutes, Monreal shot Ella Bude Ravi cause handball, the referee whistled for a penalty to the latter decisive yellow card, Giroux kick overnight, 3-0! The first 72 minutes, Olympiakos substitutions adjustment, Ka Sami was Domingos replaced. Meanwhile Arsenal Walcott replaced Gibbs. The final moments of the score did not change again, the final victory over Arsenal 3-0 Olympiakos.

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2015/12/10 0:30:36