According to an authoritative media reports Agence France-Presse, the French Football Federation announced Benzema because sex video blackmail event was suspended for the French national team, his future fate will be known after the investigation of the case all over. If you can not prove his innocence, he will miss next year's European Cup in the summer. Valbuena will be able to continue the national team.

France President of the Football Federation at a news conference, said: "The French Football Federation can not because the media pressure and their popularity rather than to deal with such a situation it is wrong Valbuena is an excellent player for France. National team played every game, he took out the best performance. Valbuena full support of the French Football Federation's decision, but also completely get Deschamps respect.

"When I saw Benzema, tell yourself that this is a good boy. He has his own friends, and a good friend for many years. In this matter, the two players are my favorite players, and other French players the same. I do not want to punish anyone lightly. I do not like to appear in the spotlight, but in your media has been very concerned about this situation, the French Football Federation can not be completely unmoved. Today, Benzema will not be able to Selected French team. This is a decision I made, and I have informed the DS.

"If this matter can not be satisfactorily resolved, then Benzema can not be selected for the national team only in March, next year the European Cup as well. Benzema things that make me very hurt, but I punish him because I was president of the French Football Federation. I wanted to talk to him face to face, but the discipline does not allow me to do so.

After "The future how to end this thing? Wait until the case all over, these two players become good friends again. Benzema because some words and deeds are often blamed, but to me, he was a high level of player. He knows me I liked him. But if there is no change at all before the European Cup, then he will not be elected. I do not want to see this day.

"I quickly informed my decision Deschamps, he agreed, and does not express any negative opinions. Valbuena did not do anything, he can national team. Man his prosecution of an offense is right.

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2015/12/11 1:11:12