Chicago Bulls Clippers sits at home to usher in the challenge, Blake - Griffin in the third quarter because of the vicious foul on Gibson's direct penalty for the two foul deported. Clippers distal rely Wesley - Johnson lifesaving third of the score down to 3 points, Jimmy - Butler break open the case of the opponent's basket Akira dumped not play, the Clippers holding a chance to equalize, but Paul final grab two-thirds vote is not the final, the Bulls beat the Clippers thrilling 83-80 win.

Bulls data: Paul - Pau Gasol scored 24 points and 6 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Jimmy - Butler 14 points and 8 assists and 5 rebounds, Thailand - Gibson 12 points and eight rebounds, Derek - Rose 11 points 3 rebounds. Substitute side, Joe King - Noah 13 points 2 rebounds and 2 blocked shots.

Clippers data: expelled Blake - Griffin debut 25 minutes will be sent out only 18 points, 11 rebounds and two blocks in two pairs of data, - Chris Paul 12 points and five assists, DeAndre - Jordan 10 points and 14 rebounds. Substitute side, Josh - Smith 8 points and 7 rebounds.

Clippers away from home to become masters opening early into the state, they are six times before the opening attack hit five balls, one Griffin scored eight points to help the Clippers lead. Bulls side performance is not bad, Pau Gasol and Butler have been hit shots to help the team score hot pursuit. But the two teams in the next 2 minutes and 20 seconds in did not score, inexplicable scoring drought but also to the Clippers called timeout to ease the situation. Pause return, the Clippers with an offensive rebound by Ba Mote hit three first to break the deadlock, the Bulls rely on Snell's layup and Pau Gasol 2 + 1 for catching the score. Hand Clippers slightly temporarily lead the initiative, Ba Mote relies on continuous positive scraping offensive rebounds, the Clippers scored four points again opened the score. Clippers last paragraph offensive began to decline, the Bulls found a state continue to play back, especially Gasol, who scored 7 points in the last paragraph, which also includes a record pointer by the Cavaliers, a single section of Harding Park, with Pau Gasol single strong performance of 14 points, the Bulls to 23-24 with a 1-point deficit into the sect.

Second section back, the Clippers situation even worse, the continuous long-range strike while the iron again and again let the situation worsened, they 5 minutes 28 seconds in the 11 vote total loss before the start scoreless. Bulls seize the opportunity to take the initiative moment, Brooks became the protagonist back from injury, he first hit the third, followed by continuous attack the basket to get four points, by virtue of his performance of the bull sent a wave of 11-0 offensive to establish a double-digit It leads. Critical moment, Jordan 2 + 1 to help the Clippers to stabilize the situation, the Bulls have not had a hot state, the Clippers will be sent out to the single digits little to stabilize the situation. The last paragraph of each of the parties to get 6 points, the Bulls scored all from free throws, the Clippers rely on Paul and Griffin shooting hot pursuit score. Harding Park half, the Bulls to 44-35 maintained a 9-point advantage into the second half.

Easy side battles, the Clippers improved performance is still not very good, they are the pre-holiday get 4 minutes 50 seconds in only 4 points, Pau Gasol even sent Ba Mote period recorded two big risk so that the latter is no way . Bulls on the offensive end also has to play a strong, especially Thai - Gibson, he continued to expand the advantage in the paint with 6 points. The disadvantage of the big score seemed somewhat impatient Clippers Clippers in a defense, strong play after Gibson feint ready to hand, out of position Griffin Gibson hit a slap in the face of direct, remember this vicious foul referee Direct to produce two foul ejected. Episode also seems to awaken the Clippers morale, Reddick then labeled as 2 + 1 to stabilize the situation, the small Jordan scored 4 points in a row to the basket work, the Clippers shot a wave of 11-3 offensive narrow the score. The last paragraph of the two sides are not very good performance, the Bulls rely Mirotic fast under layup to help the Bulls to 64-54 at halftime competition.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, the Bulls suddenly into a scoring, in addition to Ross start the pull-up jumper, the Bulls in the first 4 minutes and 55 seconds without a point, they had grabbed during three offensive rebounds but failed to convert the score. Clippers seize the opportunity, Josh - Smith became the hero of his two crucial three-pointers, hit four consecutive three-pointers in a strong offensive play a wave of 12-0 to tie the game during the Clippers. Butler hit a critical moment three points to help the Bulls step on the line to stabilize the situation, after the two sides engaged in a fierce on all words, Ross lead outside hit the third, the Clippers answered immediately answer ball here Stephenson third goal, Caucasus Fall in the corner once again hit the third, but not long before Paul hit the buzzer outside the ultra-long three-pointers to respond. Wonderful exchange has been maintained to the end, the Bulls rely on key Ross dumped establish 6-point lead. Clippers last paragraph reengineering threat, they actively grabbed offensive rebounds by Wesley - Johnson hit three-pointers, while Butler in the case of the hoop Akira open opponent did not play in the vacancy dumped. Clippers at six seconds left to tie the opportunity to hand the case, but Paul Ross staring at the last moment not in the third defense strong cast, and ultimately, the Clippers to 80-83 loss to the Bulls regret losing.

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