Sits at home in Rockets ushered in today challenge the Lakers, Kobe Bryant scored a game 25 points, seven rebounds and six assists for outstanding performance, but nonetheless the Rockets feel hot, Harden scored 30 points to lead the Rockets 126-97 victory over the Lakers victory.

Rocket Data: James - Harden scored 30 points and three assists and three steals 21 shot 11, Dwight - Howard 18 points and 12 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Clint - Capella 11 points and 10 rebounds. Substitute side, Marcus - Thornton 18 points 2 rebounds and four assists, Terence - Jones 9 points and 9 rebounds and three blocked shots.

Lakers data: - Kobe Bryant 25 points and seven rebounds and six assists, and Dan Jiluo - Russell 12 points and four assists and three steals, Louis - Williams 15 points and five rebounds and three assists. Substitute side, Nick - Young 13 points and three rebounds.

Both teams start the game early into the state play the exchange, the first to hit shots Hibbert open up the situation, the Rockets relied on Howard basket here to get the team's first points scored. Lakers Russell teenager very successful here, his first pick Bryant hit the third ball, a jumper near the foul line and then again in the fight to stop the rockets. Rocket performance is not bad here, suspend return Harden third shot hit directly by means of the pick and roll, the Rockets played offensive gradually take the initiative, Harden three points again thereafter, the Rockets ahead score. Bryant then began to get angry, he first assists Hibbert dunk, then pull the face of Harden defensive directly hit the third, the Lakers still maintained the lead. Usher runaway rocket stalemate, the Lakers consecutive errors, steals rely on fast under rocket scored 5 points, followed by Jones and Brewer plus score, the last paragraph of the rockets hit a wave of 11-0 offensive in one fell swoop go-ahead score, the first section of the war strike, the Rockets to 32-25 lead into the sect get 7 points.

Second section fiery return Rockets continue to play, especially in Thornton, he hit the third space through screens small test their skills, and then again in the third of teammate steals, feel the heat of the hot Thornton again after two three-pointers and pull which hit a record, relying on his fiery performance rocket hit 19-4 offensive to build 22-point lead, sent two brilliant mind dunks during Howard blew the audience. Lakers rely on Kobe Bryant steals the direct pull-third hit to break the deadlock, then slowly get back the feeling of the Lakers began to fight back, Bryant re-third and one-third of manufacturing Harden foul, he alone scored 11 points to lead the Lakers shot a wave of 15- 0 offensive will score down to single digits. The Lakers once again a critical moment the ball dropped, they are 3 minutes and 40 seconds in a scoreless while the Rockets relied on Harden and Jones scored again opened the score. Harding Park half, the Rockets to 63-46 with a 17-point advantage into the second half.

Easy side battles, the Lakers start consecutive errors, rocket and Harden rely Howard free throws to break the deadlock, with the Houbeifuli tipped the advantage widened to 22 points. The Lakers relied Louis - Williams free throws to get the first points of the second half, then Bryant hit a shot, Russell and Lewis - Williams hit three consecutive shots, the Lakers rely on a wave of offensive points difference chase 15 points. Rockets quickly find themselves dependent on rapid counter-attack, Brewer corner then Jones hit the third ball, Jones followed the left 45 degrees then divided equally sudden Lawson hit the third, the Rockets scored 11 points again pull big advantage. Thereafter rocket relax again, Randall and Thackeray in the basket catching score goals again. Bryant still feel hot outside, he then hit three points to help the Lakers again step on the line to narrow the score. Three Harding Park, rocket successfully steals last moment, Jones buzzer layup to help the Rockets 91-76 lead 15 minutes into the fourth.

Distal Lakers state better than the Rockets, Nick - Young opening two consecutive long shot contribute 5 points, followed by Nick - Young three points again, the Lakers sent a wave of 11-4 offensive to reduce the score to 11 points and hope. But soon, the corner of Thornton third space Lakers comeback extinguished. Pause return Rockets took over the game, although Nick - Young once again hit the third, but the Rockets here Motel twice upped the goal to help the Rockets to control the situation, with the Houmo Tai, Harden and Beverly re-open three three three three the establishment of more than 20 points ahead lead. Since then, the Lakers inability to re-threat, fighting at home 126-97 win over the Lakers scored the Rockets to victory.

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