Warriors 24-game winning streak was the end! Warriors fighting back to back away today challenges the Bucks, the Bucks 11-2 in the fourth start of the offensive in one fell swoop to establish a double-digit lead and held until the end. Eventually, the home game of the Bucks to a 108-95 success blocking the Warriors and the other end to 24-game winning streak.

Bucks data: Greg - Monroe scored 28 points and 11 rebounds and five assists, Ioannis -Antetokounmpo sent out 11 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists in three pairs of data, OJ- Mayo 18 points and two rebounds, Jia Bari - Parker 19 points and seven rebounds. Substitute side, Michael - Carter - Williams 17 points and five assists and five steals.

Warriors data: - Stephen Curry 28 points and seven rebounds and five assists, Bradley Richmond - Green 24 points and 11 rebounds and five assists, Klein - Thompson 12 points and three assists. Substitute aspects, Festus - Aize Li 13 points and eight rebounds.

Perhaps the reason yesterday and the Celtics double-overtime battle, the start performance of the Warriors in the game is not good, relying on Bogut tipped the Warriors get the first points of the field, and then back from injury Klein - Thompson hit the third, but it is also the Warriors before the start 5 minutes and 30 seconds in only two goals in mind warfare. Bucks here, the state is very good, Parker jumper won the first points, followed by Middleton teamed Mayo contributed 10 points to help the Bucks an early nine-point lead. Stalemate Warriors rely Curry's excellent play to reverse the situation, he first break through the taboo layup, then hit the outside third, one scored seven points to chase the score 4 points. Pause Bucks quickly returned back the state, Mayo outside even in two three-pointers, Monroe basket scored four points, the Bucks sending a wave of 12-2 offensive to establish a double-digit lead. The key moment Bradley Richmond - Green labeled 2 + 1 to stabilize the situation, the last paragraph of the Warriors sent a wave of re-catching the score 8-0. The first section of Harding Park, with O'Brien grab missed shots, the Bucks to 30-28 with a 2-point advantage into the second quarter.

Second section back, Aize Li outstanding performance, continuous storm he scored five points, the Bulls once go-ahead score in the basket. Bucks here quickly respond opponents basket Henson scored six points, the Bucks answered with 8-0 to regain the lead. Warriors suspend return or can not find the good way, they once up to 8 minutes only scored two goals in mind warfare to get 5 points, the Bucks side Yuezhanyueyong, Antetokounmpo scored four points, Parker rely on good moves also have 4 points for Houston, once again sent the Bucks 15-3 widening lead again. Distal Warriors feel a little back, Curry rely counterattack vote with a penalty scored 4 points score slightly catching. Harding Park half, the Bucks rely on excellent play in this section to establish a 11-point lead 59-48.

Easy side battles, Bucks teammate teenager Parker steals the fast are labeled as 2 + 1, but add confiscated can hit. Here are some warrior Bradley Richmond - Green 2 + 1 break the deadlock, followed by Rush's third to help the team chasing the score close. Warriors stalemate and there is no good way, Klein - Thompson even because of foul was whistled for a Dongzuoguotai a flagrant foul, the Bucks Glenealy 4 points again widened the lead. The key moment of the Warriors finally found the feeling, Green tipped succeeded, Curry then breakthrough labeled 2 +1, the Warriors sent a wave of 15-3 offensive will be reduced to 1 disadvantage of double-digit points. Bucks suspend returning successful play tactics, Maika Wei break layup, Pake Li sudden foreign investment and scored four points, the Bucks answered with a wave 8-1 offensive re-opened the lead. The last paragraph of the Warriors once again sent a wave flow, Aize Li tipped succeed, Livingston and Curry basket to score, the Warriors will chase the score 1 point. Three Harding Park, Bucks Maika Wei rely on last-minute goal to 80-77 with 3 points advantage into the fourth.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, the Warriors suffered another blow, no state team start their first 5 minutes and 40 seconds in 10 shots and hit only one ball, the Bucks amazing good here, state, Maika Wei paint take continuous storm 5 points, followed by Monroe basket storm and then scored four points, the Bucks sent a wave of 11-2 start to the campaign to re-establish a double-digit lead. Livingston key layup and Curry's three points to help the Warriors to break the deadlock, but the defensive end they have no way, Antetokounmpo counterattack layup, but plus confiscation can hit, but then a Monroe 2 + 1 can not waste opportunity, the Bucks will be divided difference widened to 14 points! Green key third stabilize the situation, but the team also led the overall feel is not defeat. Bucks then tied stable steady maintained the lead until the end. Eventually, the home game of the Bucks to a 108-95 beat the Warriors get the victory, but also the end of the opponent's 24-game winning streak.

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2015/12/13 2:20:59