Manchester United ailing in recent 4 games, 3 draws and 1 loss without victory has slipped to fourth position standings, also failed to qualify for the Champions League week 16. Lane operations of pressure makes Manchester United their injury, including Herrera, Rojo, Wayne Rooney, sidelined Damien etc. The Bournemouth regard, the last 10 games 1 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses, in the last round victory over defending champion Chelsea stopped the decline. The campaign, Schweinsteiger suspended, teenager Cameron Jackson - starting to play. Start of the race. 1 minute, Stanislas free kick out on the left, Gosling header was Conceded defender. Subsequent corner Stanislas direct break, Ji policy goal far post, 1-0! Bournemouth opener. The first four minutes, Manchester United free kick attack, to get the ball inside the penalty area Fellaini shot Artur Boruc denied both hands, with the Houkalike keep up with the top far corner of the header has been blocked Artur Boruc sideways single fist. The first 13 minutes, Stanislas kick on the right hit it over the bar. The first 17 minutes, Marshall then turnovers formation of single ball he missed. The first 21 minutes, Stanislas received a long pass formation of single Degea attack got. The first 23 minutes, then Memphis Carrick's long pass volley shot was saved by Artur Boruc, with the follow-up tip Houfeilaini net, 1-1! The two sides return to the same starting line. The first 27 minutes, Bournemouth corner out tactics, low shot after cutting inside the left Stanislas is Degea Puzhu. The first 28 minutes, Lingard limped off for treatment, subsequently replaced Pereira. The first 33 minutes, Joshua - gold contact Stanislas crosses Qiangdian hit the target community. The first 40 minutes, Pereira fell Feichan Stanislas booked. The first 41 minutes, the restricted area arc the shot Ritchie clinging Degea. Manchester United away temporarily Bournemouth 1-1 at halftime.

Easy side battles the second half. The first 53 minutes, Francis has run inside the restricted area small-angle shot was blocked Degea subsequent corner floor to find Joshua - gold, the latter low shot broke, 2-1! The first 55 minutes, Joshua - lob into the far corner slightly out of defense inside the penalty area after Kim missed. The first 56 minutes, Fellaini volley shot inside the restricted area was Artur Boruc saved the bottom line. The first 59 minutes, Attleboro tackles denied Fellaini place up against the long-range. The first 64 minutes, Murray replaced Joshua - gold. The first 70 minutes inside the restricted area buckle Murray McConnell left foot shot hit high burst miss. The first 75 minutes, Nick - Powell replaced Fellaini. The first 76 minutes, go past the defense after Marshall hit the door put anti-aircraft guns. The first 79 minutes, long-range left foot Art arc just wide. The first 85 minutes, O'Kane replaced Art. The first 90 minutes, Phil - Jones replaced McConnell. Then the two sides failed to rewrite the score again in the end, Manchester United lost 1-2 away to Bournemouth.

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2015/12/13 2:23:58