Thunder battles back home today, Sir, most of the time when the entire field behind Durant Thunder rely on last-minute goal to send the game into overtime, overtime, double scored six points less, ibaka note sent two key blocks to help the Thunder lead to establish a lead. Eventually, the home game of the Thunder beat the Jazz 104-98 to win the victory.
Thunder data: Kevin - Durant 31 points and five rebounds and six assists, and Russell - Westbrook 25 points and 11 rebounds and five assists, Steven - Adams 9 points 7 rebounds. Substitute aspects, Dion - Waiters 13 points 3 rebounds and 4 assists, Enes - Canterbury 10 points 6 rebounds.
Sir data: Rodney - Hood 23 points 3 rebounds, Alec - Burks 21 points and five rebounds, Gordon - Hayward 22 points and four rebounds, Derek - Favors 14 points 10 rebounds. Substitute side, Trevor - Burke 10 points and 2 assists.
Both teams start very bad state, the two sides in the first 3 minutes and 40 seconds, averaging only scored a field goal to get 2 points. The first to break the deadlock Jazz, relying on continuous attack Hood and Hayward, Jazz sent a wave of 9-0 offensive upper hand in one fell swoop. A critical moment Durant shot himself first, then dunk Adams assists to stabilize the situation. Pause after the two sides began to exchange the return mode, jazz and more dependent on the box score, Favors and score the basket Hood maintain the lead. Thunder is more dependent on outside shooting, even in the West, one two three-pointers to help the Thunder score hot pursuit. The two sides last paragraph of the offense stalled again, during the Jazz 21-16 to get 4 points and get 5 points advantage into the second quarter.
Second section back, holding the leading jazz once again take the initiative, Hood took the lead two free throws scored two points, even with a fine cast Burke contributed 4 points, plus three points Hood then again, the Jazz's first pause before successfully established double-digit lead. Thunder start bad state, Westbrook made two free throws and even tragic closure in the back layup, but fortunately a strong willpower Westbrook then quickly find the state, he first assists Alicante hit shots, then their own counterattack labeled 2 +1 catching score. But to stay ahead of the Jazz did not disarray, contrary Burks shot outside Jiahai Ward's third, the Jazz once again sent back to pull 7-0 offensive advantage. Distal two sides into exchange that Jazz maintain a hot state, Burks and two three-pointers Hood Thunder helpless, but fortunately Taifashenwei less prestige during his first foul 4 penalty 3, then hit a buzzer shot Help team to 38-51 halftime competition.

Easy side battles, Thunder halftime adjustments worked quite well, they let the Jazz before the first pause only 2 points, the Thunder rely on the success of the double play little freak wave flow, Westbrook and Durant combined for 12 points during the Disadvantages reduced to 3 points. Hayward pause return even with a fine cast scored four points to help the Jazz to stabilize the situation, but they can not defend Thunder less strong double play, Durant hit three outside, Westbrook labeled as 2 + 1, the two Thunder swept the top 20 points in the third quarter, along with Adams 2 + 1 and Robertson counterattack dunk, the Thunder successful go-ahead score. Since then the two sides into the exchange that plays an outstanding role during Durant, outside the West have third hit, Thunder difficult to maintain a leading edge. Sir critical moment finally found the opportunity, the Thunder last paragraph suddenly confronted scoring drought, while Nick - Collison foul was whistled for a flagrant foul Dongzuoguotai Jazz last paragraph offensive play 7-0 to regain the lead. Three Harding Park, the Jazz 76-71 with a 5-point advantage into the fourth.
The last 12 minutes of the competition both not neglect Jazz will start here with the two three-pointers, Burke and Hood's two three-pointers will be divided difference widened to 9 points. Fortunately, Thunder quickly retaliated, Kantor and Collison hit consecutive free throws, West break layup, although has been lagging behind, but the Thunder always have a way to bite the score. Both sides stalemate is no good way. Burks third critical moment helped the Jazz build a six-point lead, but sent straight assists Durant last paragraph, in particular to help Ibaka hit three-pointers tied the score success. Countdown stage, with the help of key shots Hayward Jazz again exceeded the score, then break through the taboo Durant dunk to tie the game. The two sides battle 48 minutes is still a tie, the game was dragged into overtime.
Westbrook overtime vanguard role, he succeeded in opening sights twice to help the Thunder took the lead, the offensive end here, no gains Jazz scoreless Jazz chasing points in time, two in mind ibaka The key advantage of the closure and to help the Thunder hold a lead. Eventually, the home game of the Thunder to 104-98 win over the Jazz won five straight.

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