Liverpool home game had 6 wins, 5 draws and 4 losses record 23 points in the standings ranked No. 10, the last round of league 0-2 defeat on the poor state of the team ailing Newcastle. Case set off the road in West Bromwich we had 5 wins and 4 draws and 6 losses record 19 points ranked 13th in the standings, the last round of league team earlier lost a ball in the 1-1 draw with care Te Namu Tottenham. After opening the two sides quickly into the state, the first 14 minutes, West Brom defender headed the rescue near the player, near Kudiniao penalty shot after the ball hit high homeopathic adjustment. The first 21 minutes, midfielder Coutinho sent exquisite long pass over the top, high jump Lallana sends header ferry, Henderson homeopathic Tuishe, 1-0, Liverpool lead. After 7 minutes, the frontier closed area Kudiniao defensive player tries to get rid of long shots, the ball was confiscated Myhill success. The first 30 minutes, West Bromwich Albion a corner threatened to cause Mignolet ball far eastern Long melee alert sent assists, Dawson to keep up with his left foot shot succeeded, 1-1. Moyes, after Olson teammate out of the free kick Qiangdiandianshe break, the referee disallowed the goal because of offside penalty, Liverpool escaped. After one minute of stoppage time the game into the intermission, the two teams drew 1-1 temporarily.

Easy side again after the war the two teams did not choose to make personnel adjustments at halftime. The first 51 minutes, closed front Kudiniao sent the ball in a cross, Milner keep up slightly missed shot, the ball hit the Liverpool player schematically the midfield, the referee is not as represented. Shortly thereafter, Milner free kick to the penalty area, quite threatening Lovren's header Qiangdian touching the beam above the center of the box. The first 61 minutes, the right side of the penalty area sent Lallana crosses the ball, this ball Dianshe Turk Closed Road, the ball touching the column just wide. The first 72 minutes, Liverpool completed the first substitutions, Eby active in the Kudiniao debut off the bench trying to continue to strengthen the offensive. After 1 minute, Brent takes the corner to the ball in front of the point, Olson grab points shakes Leipzig ball into 1-2. The first 79 minutes, Lovren injured was stretchered off the pitch, Ao Liji stepped off the bench to battle. After 7 minutes, Liverpool put Phil Mino trying to make a last-ditch. The first six minutes of stoppage time, before Ao Liji restricted long-range kicker, the ball hit Mike Fiore reflects the network, 2-2. The next time the score could not be rewritten again, after eight minutes of stoppage time the referee Paulson whistle ending the game audience.

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