RUTHERFORD November 14 hearing, He is a Korean, FIFA Online3 football games professional players, representing the Chinese team to participate in 2015 Asian Championships, the final Lectra own country for the Chinese team won the championship in Korea, you are the good kind, professional spirit for all to see, so much for the Chinese game players live up to expectations, to thank him, low-key luxury connotation guy! - from the users

Practitioners of negligence, and lack of respect for profession, is always the first element of our reason is not good, because the career-oriented reform is not complete we are not in place, is a pseudo-professionalism.. - He Wei

Beijing this afternoon, FIFA Online3 Asian Cup officially came to an end in Korea. In the final, the Chinese team came from behind, with the South Korean foreign aid small timber wing tide Korea beat B team won the championship, but also created a Chinese team history the best results. Beat the powerful South Korean team, the Chinese team's progress is quite unpleasant. And after the game, the Chinese team members Xu Qing wood word caused people to reflect, Ding Rong material is Korean, he was very professional.

This year is the Chinese FIFA Online 3 formally embarked on the road of the first year of occupation, the professional league, the Champions League for the first time offered online, the rise of the professional club at the beginning, it can be described as a surprise to win the championship, but also the Chinese professional league level FSL show to all the players! At this moment, not only the success of FIFA Online 3, and also China E-sports in 2015, a huge victory in the Chinese men's soccer World Cup qualifying campaign on the eve of Chinese e-sports field have a new breakthrough!

2015/11/16 3:03:35