2015-16 Premier League season, the first 16 of a focus of the dialogue at Villa Park Stadium, Arsenal 2-0 away from home in the final Lectra Aston Villa, temporarily boarded the standings top position. Giroux will create the first half penalty scored Walcott, Ramsey also scored a goal in the back; the second half both sides had no achievements, the final Arsenal away win.

Before this round of competition, the gap between the two points of Arsenal drop Houlaisite city, being ranked second in the standings, three points in yesterday's game has gone beyond the current Manchester City Arsenal temporarily top spot, the gunmen Aston Villa-round opponent is ranked bottom. Opening the first seven minutes, Sinclair, cut inside the penalty area to the rear left foot volley, Cech ball confiscated. The first eight minutes, the restricted area within Hutton foul on Walcott, Arsenal won the penalty, Giroux calm Shishe the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal, the score became 0-1, Arsenal get away from home lead. The first 20 minutes, Giroux received his teammates out of the positioning of the ball header, Lescott before the ball crossed the line headed the rescue bottom line. The first 31 minutes, Guy peripheral Shepian burst out. The first 38 minutes, Arsenal scored again, Ozil ball back in the air to help Ramsey door right foot Tui succeeded, the score became 0-2.

Easy side battles, the first 48 minutes, Weller Fig long-range over the bar. The first 55 minutes, Weller FIG again try long shots, Kos Czerny blocking the ball. The first 57 minutes, Sinclair's header hit high. The first 63 minutes, Baku Na closed line curve ball pocket very threatening shot, the ball struck the crossbar for a corner. The first 72 minutes, Guy put a long-range anti-aircraft guns. The first 82 minutes, Chamberlain closed road right foot shot, the ball flying Guzan saved the bottom line. Since then both sides had no achievements, the final Arsenal beat Aston Villa 2-0.

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2015/12/14 14:24:35