With two wins today fighting off the Nuggets Rockets, the last paragraph of Section Harden rely on three consecutive three rocket scene once occupied the initiative, but the drastic changes in the second half, the Rockets defensive mistakes in a row, the Nuggets ahead score in one fell swoop, the Rockets finally always had to chase the score 2 points and hand the ball, but unfortunately Terry corner space one-third did not hit. Eventually, the home game of the Nuggets 114-108 to clinch the Rockets get the victory.

Nuggets data: - Gary Harris scored 21 points and 2 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, if Frey - Ernie Lowe 14 points and 11 rebounds, Danilo - Gallinari 15 points, seven assists and five rebounds, Jameel - Nelson 10 points and seven assists, five rebounds. Substitute aspects, Will - Barton 23 points, nine rebounds, three assists and three steals.

Rocket Data: James - Harden 24 points and six assists, three rebounds and three steals, Dwight - Howard 13 points and eight rebounds and four steals, Trevor - Trevor Ariza 16 points and five rebounds and four assists, Patrick - PayPal Forli 14 points and eight assists. Substitute aspects, Donatas - Mortier Yunus 19 points 2 rebounds, Marcus - Thornton 13 points and 2 assists.

Both teams start performance is not good, relying Ariza Rockets opened the third lead, and the Nuggets basket rely Ernie Lowe's two goals lead. Rocket then quickly find the feeling, all four times they tied the score tied. Nuggets here nor mercy, relying on continuous storm fouls, twice in the basket during Farid job to help the Nuggets play 11-3 offensive again opened the score. While Thornton and Brewer rely on third rocket hot pursuit score, but nonetheless really bad defense, space Gallinari hit back in the third, Barton continuous unreasonable storm then scored 4 points, the Nuggets once the score widened to 16 points, the last time Lawson shot to help the Rockets to a 22-36 end of the first section of the competition.

Second section back, the Rockets played both offense and defense full speed, defensive end, they are the first 3 minutes 30 seconds and let the opponents get only 2 points, the offensive end Thornton hit consecutive three-pointers, the Rockets sent a wave of 10-2 offensive narrow the score . Nuggets get back the feeling slowly returning after a pause, Miller unguarded corner hit the third, Barton counterattack dunk labeled as 2 + 1, the Nuggets offensive continuous pretty firmly hold the advantage. Distal rocket usher runaway, they hit the outside opened again and again, Harden one hit three three-pointers, plus Beverley third, the Rockets reversed the score in one fell swoop. Harding Park half, the Rockets to a 58-54 lead four minutes into the second half.

Easy side battles, rocket continuation hot hand, Motel and Trevor Ariza hit third in succession, all of the rocket attack was beaten six times. Nuggets here is not bad, Farid and Lowe Ernie inside this performance is quite good, but since the fire was too fierce the other has failed to reduce the points difference. Pause Return Nuggets defensive intensity up, the rocket here only rely Harden hit a record one-third, the Nuggets here rely on the continuous fouls grab points. For the Rockets, compounded by Howard early in this period received a fifth foul. Nuggets slowly began to occupy the scene initiative - Gary Harris, Nelson and Barton hit three consecutive three-pointers, the Nuggets sent a wave of 15-0 offensive and build a strong reversal of an eight-point lead. Howard then Harden to dunk the ball to empty to stabilize the situation, the Rockets to 82-88 with 6-point deficit entering the fourth quarter.

After the final 12 minutes played quickly grabs the rocket rely on Thornton's goal will be sent out to 4 points, but the Nuggets start here survive unfavorable performance counterattack, Barton hit the third, Papa Nicholas La Bulan He succeeded, sending a wave of 16-6 offensive Nuggets build a strong double-digit lead. The key moment of the Rockets finally found the feeling, Ariza hit two consecutive outside shooting, Beverly also has three points for Houston, the Rockets rely on continuous storm at the last moment will be sent out to 2 points. The Nuggets still no good way, the Rockets grabbed defensive rebounds and hand reversal opportunity, Harden assists corner vacancy Terry attract double teams, but the latter did not hit a key three regret missed lore. Final Barton and Jokic four consecutive free throws to get the Nuggets beat the Rockets 114-108 victory.

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