The first two minutes, after Juarez Mach Road drive straight steals, but unfortunately the final low drive was Courtois. The first 12 minutes, Orr Brighton direct free kick hit the door, but fortunately timely Courtois fighting to get rid of the ball hugged. The first 16 minutes, Drinkwater was injured Andy - replaced gold. The first 28 minutes, Azar battling injuries can not insist, Pedro go into battle. The first 33 minutes, Mach Juarez arc the ball in the right, front Dianshe Valdivia broke, 0-1! The first 36 minutes, William out on the right corner, Matic header slightly higher. The first 44 minutes, Orr Brighton frontier closed area long shots, Courtois Cepu ball. Half Harding Park, Chelsea 0-1 down Houlaisite city.

Easy side battles, the first 48 minutes, Orr Brighton pass in the left point after Mach Juarez got the ball, get rid of Azpilicueta after continuous shaking the far corner pocket succeeded, 0-2! The first 50 minutes, Huth fouls tipped Diego - Costa booked. The first 53 minutes, Fabregas played replaced Terry, Chelsea takes the plunge. The first 61 minutes, Fabregas sent over the top pass, Diego - Costa got the ball low shot was small Schmeichel magical resolved. The first 62 minutes, William corner, Ivanovic point after continuous feet hit the door are Leicester City defender in front of the gate line blocked. Houlei Mi played replaced with mediocrity Oscar. The first 66 minutes, Pedro right pass, Fabregas header middle goalkeeper wants. The first 68 minutes, Matic periphery long blocked, Pedro follow shovel hit high. The first 78 minutes, Chelsea play fast counter, William forward pass found Pedro, Pedro sent precise pass, plug Remy headed home, 1-2! The first 82 minutes, Ranieri replaced Inler Mach Juarez to strengthen the defense. The first 84 minutes, Orr Brighton back in long-range slightly wide of the left post. William received a pass attempt with Houlei Mi misses the target. The first two minutes of stoppage time, the right side of the penalty area Orr Brighton Ulloa received the ferry, but the final shot hit high. Chelsea frequently thereafter a long pass on the offensive, but the ball Leicester City defender united resolve. With the end of five minutes of stoppage time, referee whistle ended the game, the final Chelsea 1-2 away defeat to Leicester City, suffered two straight league, but after Leicester City to win back the top spot.

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