Leicester City lost 1-2 away team apparently resulted in Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was very disappointed.

Valdivia and Mach Juarez has goals to help Leicester City a 2-0 lead. While Remy followed by Chelsea to recover a ball, but the Blues eventually antidote, away defeat. After the game, Mike Mussina conceal his disappointment, he even used the "betrayal" of the words in the interview. He said: "Leicester City should win, they perform better for longer I would say there are about 30 minutes Chelsea played better, but most of the opponents have one hour to play better them. played very focused, very stable, very aggressive. strong will and high-paced game, it is difficult for us to deal with. We lost two balls, and that is unacceptable in my opinion. "

"One thing I do best is that I can read the game, to find the opponent's advantage, and then tell my players. Lose such conceded disheartening, because my job betrayed (my work was betrayed), If the words correctly. "" In the last 15 minutes, they (Leicester City) will contest as five minutes to play, caddy there are strong winds. This is not wonderful, but they do it well. Some of my players did not play a normal level. Last season I finished the phenomenal work, so that these players extraordinary play. "

For the first half limped off the Azar, Mourinho added: "I do not know how the injury Azar, 10 seconds of making his own decisions, he believed that he could not continue 10 seconds of play. down, so the situation must be very serious. He stayed on the floor, and then immediately said he could not Tixia Qu and he says he needs fate, then he wants to end, and then he said he could not immediately Tixia Qu .But Mourinho said, He still wanted to coach Chelsea, he said:. "I have no doubt, I am sure you are aware of me, I'm not the kind of people fear challenges. I want to stay. 

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2015/12/15 14:13:50