The first seven minutes, Biabiany right pass, Mana Yi leaping header on top of the power failure. The first 12 minutes, Biabiany cross knock, Hole Shakespeare closed front kick attempt long shots, the ball was goalkeeper firmly embraced. The first 14 minutes, the Nerazzurri made with subtlety in the frontcourt. After Biabiany and try to kick the wall with Brozovic reached the restricted area, but Biabiany last shot was saved. The first 18 minutes, sending Biabiany biography, Palacio leaned hoisting goalkeeper brave resolve the penalty area. The first 23 minutes, Juan cross from the left, before the point of Mana Yi ferry, unguarded in front of the Palacio Dianshe break easily, 1-0! The first 31 minutes, Inter passing errors gave Cagliari the opportunity to focus on good save from Carrizo shot Giannetti. The first 42 minutes, Cagliari cross from the left point after cutting inside the ball left foot shot a little higher. The first 45 minutes, Galván periphery long been Carrizo get. Harding Park half, Inter Milan one goal lead.

Easy side battles, the first 47 minutes, the ball Palacio, Brozovic follow low shot was resolved goalkeeper. The first 50 minutes, Cagliari Cheung restricted free kick pass, Benedetti header hit the post. The first 56 minutes, Brozovic cross from the left, Medel header just wide. The first 71 minutes, shot after cutting inside the left Brozovic curve ball, ball into the sky dead, transfixed keeper, 2-0! The first 73 minutes, Mancini replaced goal hero with Perisic Palacio. The first 81 minutes, Brozovic closed top of the arc the ball hit the post after bounce, Perisic tip-break, 3-0! Since then the two parties unable to rewrite the score. Cruised to the final audience, Inter Milan 3-0 victory over Cagliari, successfully into the Italian Cup quarterfinals.

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