The first five minutes, Vidal left wing cross struck the ball Lewandowski Road ramp plug, plug Coleman left the restricted area small-angle hit the door wide. The first seven minutes, midfielder Alonso sent a long pass accuracy, he missed the ball on the left comin outflank the restricted area. Lahm flat ball, Lewandowski Road outflank the shovel he missed. The first 19 minutes, Jimi Xi right cross, Levante broke into restricted the right foot low shot, the ball just wide of the left goal post. The first 40 minutes, Bayern corner was the other rescue, stopping outside the penalty area Alonso volley, ball into the sky dead, 1-0! The first 44 minutes, Bayern on the right pass in front of Lewandowski shakes Leipzig, the ball hit the left goal post. Harding Park half, Bayern one goal ahead of the competition.

Easy side battles, the first 51 minutes, the ball Wagner, Frank Zupančič long shots towards the ball over the bar. The first 53 minutes, Jimi Xi overheads to the restricted area, Mueller turned to volley the ball slip out the door. The first 66 minutes, Tiago Vidal substitute appearances. The first 67 minutes, Jimi Xi peripheral strong shot put anti-aircraft guns. The first 73 minutes, Frank Zupančič free kick slightly higher. The first 82 minutes, the left side of the penalty area comin barb hit the door was goalkeeper saved the bottom line. Subsequently, Rafinha is quite long-range threat. The first 87 minutes, Ram Rod substitute appearances. Since then both sides have offensive and defensive, but no achievements. Cruised to the final audience, Bayern 1-0 victory over Darmstadt, successfully advance to the next round.

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2015/12/16 15:13:22