Today, the New York Knicks Timberwolves fought back to back, Minnesota offensive game suddenly misfiring in the second quarter the Knicks play offensive climax, the Knicks took a 20-point halftime lead, but the Wolves offensive rebound in the second half has been filled pit counterattack, but Anthony a triple-double and Afflalo scored a key or let the team narrowly win the game.
Knicks data: Carmelo Anthony - 20 points, nine assists and 15 rebounds, Aaron - Afflalo 29 points and 3 rebounds, Krista Phillips - Boer Tianjin Gisborne 11 points, six rebounds and seven blocked shots, Lance - Thomas 14 points, seven rebounds, Langston - Galloway 12 points and six assists.
Minnesota data: - Karl Anthony - Downs 25 points and 10 rebounds, Ricky - Rubio 9 points and 12 assists and 10 rebounds and eight steals, Andrew - Wiggins 23 points, 5 rebounds, Zach - Lavin 19 points and 2 rebounds, Al Gore Kyrgyzstan - Jason Giambi 14 points and 10 rebounds, Shabazz - Mohammed 8 points and 9 rebounds.
The first Festival began, Pol Tianjin Kyrgyz lead outside hit the third, Downs also tipped hit response, followed by Lopez hook and Afflalo jumper made the score Timberwolves Rubio by three successive slightly ahead of teammates . Thereafter, Afflalo outside dropped into the third, and Rubio's also a pass for a vote for the team to get points, the two sides alternately score also lead to the end of this section, although Wiggins and Jason Giambi each contributed 6 points, The Knicks also be made here, and Thomas Galloway responded similarly, both the score came to 27-26, the Knicks lead.
Came to the second section of the game, Lance - Thomas and Galloway continue to contribute to the team score, the Shabazz - Mohammed scored 6 points, third in Calderon to let the two sides were evenly divided, 34-34. And in this the Housailafen three-point play inside and outside line Efulaluo get 5 points, hit a 8-0 the lead, followed by the Prince's layup and assists Downs scored a hook inside after he was Efulaluo third and Lance - Thomas hit three into the team to expand the lead, as Anthony last moment even take 5 minutes to let the Knicks in this section the last two minutes and played a wave 11 -2 Knicks to 60-40 big lead.
Back to the second half, took the lead inside Downs scored a hook, and Regis Tianjin Boer Lopez also have to score in the paint dunk to respond, but after the third network Rubio and twice hit three assists Downs outside help Wolves reduce the points difference, Anthony's jumper and assists Kyrgyz Boer Tianjin, Lopez scored to make the team to stabilize the situation, but then Wiggins even with a fine cast to get 5 points plus Lavin also scored 4 points or will point deficit to 10 points or less. Then Lance - Thomas is also a chance to 5 points, but failed to withstand the force Lavin and Wiggins comeback momentum, with the most Houlubiao after Lavin assists dunk, Minnesota narrow the score to 70-78.
The two sides fight to the last one, Bjelica and Lance - Thomas each get two points for the team after he was Efulaluo three-point play and a jumper to pull the points difference to double digits, although Minnesota court Contribution players have scored, but Anthony's jumper and Galloway two thirds or let the Knicks holding a 10-point lead. Since then, the Downs and Wiggins teamed again approaching the score 10 points again, Anthony stable free throws support team continues to lead, in the end, Downs three-point play to reduce the points difference was three points, the Knicks stable free throw grab opponent thirds tactics fail, the final 107-102 Knicks win.
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2015/12/17 14:31:39