Thunder today sits at home against the same opponents pioneer Northwest Division, the Thunder played in the third quarter margin of 14 points in one fell swoop offensive widening lead lead. Eventually, the home game of the Thunder beat the Trail Blazers 106-90 to easily get six-game winning streak.

Thunder data: Kevin - Durant 24 points and seven rebounds and four assists, Russell - Westbrook 13 points, five assists and two blocked shots, Steven - Adams 11 points and 11 rebounds, Serge - Ibaka 13 points and four rebounds. Substitute aspects, Enes - Canterbury 12 points and 13 rebounds, Dion - Waiters 18 points 6 rebounds.

Blazers data: CJ- McCollum 24 points and four rebounds and four assists, Damian - Lillard 20 points and five rebounds, Mason - Pula Bromley 14 points and 10 rebounds. Substitute side, Ed - Davis 9 points 4 rebounds.

Blazers start performance is pretty good, they had in mind in the outside hit consecutive three long-range shot made 7-2 lead. Thunder Durant and Ibaka here rely shots open up the situation, followed by Adams basket labeled 2 + 1 begin to reverse the situation. McCollum became pioneers start the best player, he then hit the third, the Blazers start 12 minutes before there is nine points from him. Pause Return thunder began to control the situation, Adams tipped succeeded two consecutive rounds, with the storm Houyibaka labeled 2 + 1, the Thunder sent a wave of 10-0 offensive start to occupy the active scene. Blazers until the last minute to get back the feeling, Mr. Lillard act as the key, his first foul four consecutive free throws, then hit a pull-third will be worse once reduced to 1 minute. However, the last paragraph of the Thunder rely Waiters and Augustin scored again opened the score, the first section of Harding Park, Thunder to 31-26 with five-point advantage into the second quarter.

Second section back, the two teams again inexplicably into a scoring drought, the Thunder is relatively better, relying on free throws and Alicante Waiters tipped to get 4 points, the Blazers here to grab offensive rebounds in a row to get 2 points This is just a pause before the first score of the two sides. Pause return, the two teams still can not find the feeling, holding leading the Thunder to play not in a hurry, which also indirectly help them get back feeling, with Ibaka even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, Thunder widening the advantage to 15 points. Blazers eager to grab points but repeatedly blacksmith, in just 11 minutes before they scored three goals in warfare. Fortunately, the last paragraph of Lillard again angry, his two three-pointers to save the critical situation, the Blazers also 45-52 will be sent out to seven minutes into the second half.

Easy side battles, Thunder advantage again, Durant and Westbrook hit consecutive shots, with the Houyibaka in the distance again in 2 minutes, the Thunder start a wave of 10-2 offensive again the points difference widened to double digits. Pause Return Aminu's goal to break the scoring drought Blazers warfare, but the overall state of the team is still bad, the score has been deadlocked. Thunder slowly back feel once again hit a wave, Durant labeled as 2 + 1 but the penalty is not, but then he immediately hit the third pull big advantage, attacking the state of thunder this section completely suppressed opponents, Durant Open to kill God mode, let him shoot the last paragraph repeatedly succeeded, by virtue of his last paragraph scored six points in the performance, the Thunder 88-67 lead widened to 21 points.

21-point deficit early in the fourth quarter has become a waste of time to let the Blazers did not give up, Leonard and McCollum's goal to help pioneer a little narrow the score. With 后麦科勒姆 thirds again, he start to a person contributed 7 points difference will be reduced to 16 minutes to see a glimmer of hope. Thunder's performance is not bad, but the face of rapid counterattack opponents too much for some, but fortunately the key moment Moreau and Kantor's goal to re-expand the score to 20 points to seal the victory. Blazers last paragraph inability reengineering threat Thunder home game to beat the Trail Blazers 106-90 to win the victory.

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2015/12/17 14:33:14