The game Juve starting lineup to make some adjustments, teenager Lu Jiani was the first opportunity. Grabbing the two sides after the opening game are very positive, Juventus occupy the possession advantage, but the opening 20 minutes before the two sides failed to find scoring chances. The first 23 minutes, uprooting Zaza Perez larger when the action, the two sides dispute almost happened, the referee yellow card to Zaza. The first 28 minutes, after continuous breakthroughs Morata left cross in front of, Zaza kept the ball directly volley, the ball flew into the top right corner, 1-0! Juventus lead. The first 38 minutes, Marchisio behind hit Biluo Di booked. The first 43 minutes, Zaza received Marchisio ball outside the area long-range kick saved by the goalkeeper. The first half ended, temporarily one goal lead Juventus Turin.

During the break neither substitutions adjustments. The second half just opening soon, Morata center of the box shot was denied Iraqi investigation Sato. The first 49 minutes, Molinaro foul on Lichtsteiner second yellow card and is sent off, Turin had ten men. The first 51 minutes, the ball restricted the right of Zaza slightly adjusted, Tui left foot sent the ball left corner, 2-0! Followed by Di Bala replaced goal hero Zaza. This time Juventus still grasp the field situation, Chiellini, Morata, Di Bala has a shot but could not hit the target. The first 73 minutes, Di Bala received a Morata ball outside the area long-range kicker, 3-0! The first 77 minutes, Marchisio injured, after treatment continue to adhere to the game, Khedira was replaced Pardo. The first 83 minutes, Boba direct free kick from the center, ball into the sky dead, 4-0! Hernanes final stage comeback replaced Marchisio. The final end of the game, 4-0 victory over Juventus in Turin.

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2015/12/17 14:36:09