Knight Thunder sits at home against back to back, the two teams played a game very stalemate, the game suspense has been left to the end of the game. Thunder in the game time left 6.5 seconds behind only three points, but Westbrook three-point shot is not final. Eventually, the Cavaliers at home to 104-100 Lectra Thunder, made four straight at the same time, end 6-game winning streak thunder.

Rider data: LeBron - James 33 points and 11 assists and 9 rebounds and seven turnovers, Kevin - Carrefour 11 points, seven rebounds and five assists, Matthew -Dellavedova11 points and 10 assists and five rebounds, Yulia fee - mozgov 6 points and 1 assist , JR- Smith 11 points and 3 rebounds; Substitutes: Tristan - Thompson 12 points and 15 rebounds, Ma Richard - Jefferson 13 points and 2 rebounds.

Thunder data: Kevin - Durant 25 points and five assists, Russell - Westbrook 27 points and 10 assists, Sergio - Ibaka 23 points and nine rebounds; Substitutes: Enes - Canterbury 6 points and 6 rebounds , Dion - Wei Tesi 4 points and 2 rebounds.

The first section of the game, Durant hit the third one up and manufacture of anti-hit two free throws, individuals with 5 points. However, Knight immediately give retaliate, James dropped two three-pointers, JR- Smith also hit three and fadeaway jumper, the Knights lead. However, the emergence of the state of ups and downs after the Cavaliers, they hit rate of decline in four minutes, only Mozgov and Carrefour in the basket to get 4 points. Thunder seize the opportunity to play score climax, then in the third Durant, Westbrook continuous attack the basket, scored six points, and Adams also ibaka basket succeeded, play a wave of Thunder 15-4, one stroke ahead 7 Minute. In the last paragraph of this section but the Cavaliers back in time feel, first dropped into the third to break the scoring deadlock Dellavedova, then substitute Tristan - Thompson tipped succeeded, Richard - Jefferson soared in the third, James breakthrough layup labeled 2 +1, Knight answered with a wave 11-4, once the equalizer. But Durant in the final step-back jumper attack, Thunder 28-26 lead two minutes the first section.

Second section back, the early part of the Cavaliers in the second quarter rotation time again into a scoring drought, they are not continuous, and in 3 years and a half minutes without a point. Thunder bench is another score, Canterbury, Augustine and Wei Tesi have succeeded, Thunder 8-0, once made 12 points advantage. However, the Thunder lost suddenly in the middle of this section, continuous shot and they appear many mistakes, at more than 4 minutes in a scoreless. Knight then promptly revived, they seize the opportunity to play counter offensive, Dellavedova soared in the two three-pointers, JR- Smith hit two dumped, James dunk, Knight blasted a wave of 18-0, one stroke ahead 6 points . However, the Cavaliers after this wave of orgasm hit rate decline, they are not continuous in this section of the final 2 minutes, then gradually back feel Thunder, Durant, Ibaka and Kantor were hit in the cast, the Thunder answered with a Wave 7-0 again ahead score to 47-46 lead one minute into halftime.

After the halftime break, the Thunder came back in the third quarter more flowering, Wei less foreign investment in sudden scored four points, Ibaka hit in the cast, and the third, Durant even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, Thunder gradually expand the lead. By James Knight is struggling to support, he scored six points, but other people did not contribute; Yen after the deduction of James Adams, the Thunder has 10 points ahead, the Cavaliers played the stop. Although after Ibaka again in the third and a jumper, but the Cavaliers gradually recover offensive rhythm, the basket tipped succeeded Thompson, Jefferson soared in the third, James labeled as 2 + 1, Knight points deficit to single digit number. The last paragraph of this section, the Cavaliers lineup outstanding performance, Thompson scored four points in the paint again, Cunningham and Jefferson have been completed and break dunk, the Cavaliers to further narrow the score at the end of the third quarter to chase the score 74 -78.

The last one contest, the Thunder early in the fourth again into a scoring drought, they more than 4 minutes in front only 2 points. Knight then took the opportunity to play score climax, Carrefour labeled 3 + 1, James fast break counterattack played 2 + 1, Richard - Jefferson and Cunningham off the bench to hit two three-pointers, the Cavaliers played 17-2 climax , to establish a 11-point lead in one fell swoop. The middle of this section, after all the thunder gradually recover offensive rhythm, Durant hit a jumper, Robertson hit the third, but James immediately give retaliate, he labeled as 2 + 1 and hit a jumper, personal scored five points, the Knights maintained a two digit lead. However, Knight appears at a critical moment state and downs, they hit rate fell, caught in a 3-minute scoring drought. Thunder two little opportunity first to start chasing points, they teamed scored six points to help the Thunder points deficit to 5 points. But Knight promptly revived, James Durant singles succeeded, Carrefour dropped into the third, the Cavaliers able to hold the lead. However, Westbrook suddenly struck the first blow in the final two minutes, he made killing two free throws, then hit the third and in the cast, individuals scored seven points to help the Thunder points deficit to 3 points. James shot is not followed, the Thunder have the opportunity to tie the game, but not in the third shot Durant. However, the knight Tristan - Thompson mistakes, put the ball right to the Thunder, the Thunder also 6.5 seconds, but Westbrook three-point shot or not, the Thunder missed the opportunity to tie the game.

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