Two-game losing streak sits at home today ushered Hornets Raptors challenge Batum missed the field, the Hornets in the first three quarters under the leadership of Jeremy Lin made a 12-point lead. Distal despite drastic changes, the Raptors at Lowry and DeRozan led the score gradually regain. DeRozan ultra-long three-pointers last moment magical network, because the Raptors advance request for the suspension without operands, the two sides into overtime. Overtime, the Hornets at Walker and Jeremy Lin led eventually to 109-99 home win.

Hornets data: Jeremy Lin 35 points, 4 assists and 2 blocked shots, Kemba - Walker 27 points, six rebounds and seven assists, 2 blocks, PJ- Hairston 14 points and 4 rebounds, Marvin - Williams 10 points and 10 rebounds, Jeremy - Lamb 7 points and 2 assists.

Raptors data: Demar - DeRozan 31 points and 4 rebounds, Terrence - Rose 17 points and 1 rebounds, Kyle - Lori 20 points and 4 rebounds and seven assists, Bismarck - Billon Bo 8 points and 18 rebounds and seven blocks, James - Johnson 9 points and 3 rebounds.

This field Batum sidelined due to illness, Jeremy Lin was put on the starter. An opening third of the Hornets at home began to rain: Marvin - Williams launched into third, Hairston also hit two three-pointers eyesight. Raptors here outdone, Terence - Rose also answered a record third network. After half of the first quarter, DeRozan continuous manufacture of anti-personnel broke into the inside, one person support from the team's offensive firepower. Lin doing well starting today, the first quarter has not ended on 4 from 3 scored 7 points. Joseph counterattack after not dumped, the first end of the game, the Hornets to 25-20 lead five minutes into the second section of the Raptors game. Section 4 of 6 DeRozan scored 12 points.

Section Lin first hit a jumper, followed Hawes assists launched into thirds, so the team came to the double-digit lead. But the Raptors then began to chase points, James - Johnson continuous break layup, scored 7 points, 7 in Lori shot 0 ring true continuation of the offensive team's offensive firepower. Half of the second section, Hairston launched into third, Walker to play off the dribble board network, the Hornets continued to maintain double-digit lead. Walker backhand break layup, halftime, the Hornets to 56-44 lead 12 minutes into the second half of the Raptors game. Lin first half, shot 8 9 scored 18 points and 4 assists, no turnovers.

After halftime adjustments, Lori still not able to get back the feel, not in the front third of the still. Hornets side, Walker hit a layup, Marvin - Williams succeeded dunks assists Zeller, misfiring team on the offensive end, as long as three minutes into a scoring drought, but fortunately grabbed two consecutive Hairston offensive rebounds tipped hit, for the team to retrieve the situation. After half of the third quarter, Walker scored four points, the Hornets leading 77-65 Raptors with 12 points in the final one of the competition. Three Harding Park, Lowry only 1 of 13 shots, 6 shots Scola 1, the performance is not satisfactory.

Lori feel warmer distal third of the incident, the two points difference narrowed to 8 points. Height and arm length Biyombo multiple capping Hornets attack, tough defense of Raptors fly zone. Lori feel cold even though the first three quarters, but the margins are still confident to attack the basket, his first jumper labeled as 2 + 1, subsequently launched into third, will be sent out to 4 points. Fortunately, Jeremy Lin and Walker fouled with free throws will be widened to seven points. But Lori launched into the third, even with the cast suddenly DeRozan scored 4 points in the match. The last time Walker dribbling mistakes, DeRozan counterattack ultra-long three-pointers magical network, but the Raptors earlier request for the suspension, which is not included in the magic of a ball to score. The Hou Luorui rush to vote not in the third, the two sides into overtime.

Overtime, Lori breakthrough dumped network, for the team's first 2 points, Lin immediately answered with an inside out over anti-record third network, the performance is not much better. When the two teams deadlocked the score, Walker stood out layup labeled 2 +1, so the team take the initiative. The last 30 seconds, the Hornets lead six minutes, while Lori not in the third, sending Walker to the free throw line, the game this conclusion. In the end, the Hornets at home refused to reverse.

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2015/12/18 15:18:36