After the start of the new season, the defending champion Chelsea eye-popping performance, 16 game made 15 points, just above the relegation zone team one point, coach Jose Mourinho has thus sadly class, round face Sang Mother is the first battle after Mike Mussina to leave the Blues. After only five minutes, William corner, Ivanovic leaping header from the center nets, the score became 1-0, Abu stands also a standing ovation to this end balls. The first nine minutes, William Gongmen direct free kick goalkeeper confiscated. The first 13 minutes, Chelsea gain another victory, Ivan cross from the right, defender siege mistakes, Pedro restricted Road fire succeeded, the score became 2-0. The first 26 minutes, Oscar personal ability dribbling into the penalty area hit the door after the attack of the goalkeeper denied. The first 35 minutes, Oscar cross, near the Costa penalty spot fire hit high.

Easy side battles the second half just started two and a half minutes, William then Chelsea won a penalty opportunity, Oscar deceived goalkeeper easily push the ball to score the door bottom left corner, the score became 3-0. The first 53 minutes, Sunderland pulled one back, Kabul header causing Courtois net smash sell, Borigni easily fill up Kongmen succeeded, the score became 3-1. The first 56 minutes, closed the left side arch Tui Borigni slightly wide of the goal. The first 68 minutes, Oscar Akira open space hit the door hit the side net. The first 71 minutes, Remy Substitution of underperforming Costa. The first 83 minutes, William counterattack carve the ball to Pedro, after the latter adjustment Tongshe hit high. Since then both sides had no achievements, the final Chelsea beat Sunderland.

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2015/12/21 14:07:26