Clippers sits at home against the Thunder, campaign teams have been entangled until the last minute to determine the winner. Clippers game time left Shihai lead 1 minute 10.9 seconds, but Durant hit a jumper in the next attack, the Thunder go-ahead 1 minute, leaving only 5.8 seconds for the Clippers. Paul Durant capping last attack was the final Thunder on the road to 100-99 Lectra Clippers, made two game winning streak at the same time, give the opponent 3-game losing streak.

Clippers data: - Chris Paul 32 points and 10 assists and five rebounds, Blake - Griffin 15 points, seven rebounds and five assists, JJ- Redick 15 points and 4 rebounds, DeAndre - Jordan 8 points, 10 rebounds; Subs: Reims - Stephenson 10 points and 4 rebounds, Jamal - Jamal Crawford 8 points and 1 rebound.

Thunder data: Kevin - Durant 24 points, nine rebounds and seven assists, and Russell - Westbrook 33 points, seven assists and five rebounds rebounds, Sergio - Ibaka 17 points and eight rebounds, Steven - Adams 6 points 11 rebounds; Substitutes: Dion - Wei Tesi 9 points and 3 assists.

The two teams played very stalemate in the beginning, the Clippers Reddick hit three and in the cast, but the Thunder at least two hits in the cast immediately retaliate, leading the two sides alternately in the beginning. However, Paul opened after the attack mode, he hit a step-back jumper and third, and assists small Jordan completed a dunk, leading the Clippers shot a wave of 11-3, made six-point lead. But the Thunder timely response, Ibaka dunk, Durant soared in the third, Westbrook also manufacture anti-hit two free throws, the Thunder answered with 7-2, the points deficit to 2 points. However, Paul feel hot again in the third at the end of this section, and succeeded in the last attack layup, helping the Clippers to 27-22 lead five minutes the first section.

Thunder lineup early stage in the second quarter hit rate is not high, only the first three and a half minutes to get 3 points. Clippers bench occupy the field active, Crawford, Cole - Aldridge and jope have succeeded, the Clippers extended their lead to double digits. Although the main exchange for a congregation after the Thunder, but they hit rate is still not high, the Clippers bench continues more flowering, jope, Crawford and Stephenson were in the basket succeeded, the Clippers kept two Number lead. However, two little thunder in the last paragraph of this section of the outbreak, they led the team to play back the offensive, Westbrook scored 5 points in a row inside the medal, Durant even 2 jumper and manufacture of anti-hit two free throws, personal and even 6 points, the Thunder hit a wave of 11-4, the score closer. The first half last attack, Wei less foul, two free throws, the Thunder at halftime to chase the score 50-52.

One up on the two teams in the third quarter to expand exchange, Paul and Redick have been hit three-pointers, but Durant immediately reached inside fired back scored four points, Westbrook also soared in the third to tie the score in one fell swoop Thunder . However, after the Clippers external dual-core Paul and Griffin opened scoring model, in sudden foreign investment Griffin scored six points, Paul soared in the third and 2 jumper, the two led the Clippers shot a wave of 11-2, 7 points to regain the lead. Although the Thunder bench at the end of this verse Waiters sudden foreign investment scored 4 points, but the Clippers Reddick also hit the third, the Clippers to 77-72 lead five minutes into the final section.

Stephenson beginning in the fourth quarter is the Clippers scored four points, but scored four points in the paint Kantor retaliate, Thunder bite the score. After the two teams again come in a public main, Wei less open to attack mode, he did not even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, Adams and two inside Ibaka also succeeded, play a wave of Thunder 8-2, in one fell swoop equalizer. However, Griffin and Paul hit consecutive jumpers at the crucial moment to help the Clippers maintained a slim lead. However, Wei less sudden outbreak in the final 1 minute, he soared in the third, and pull-up jumper to help the Thunder go-ahead 1 minute, 29 seconds left in game time. Critical time, Reddick was a mistake, he puts the ball right to the Thunder, but Wei Tesi Then there bad, Paul completed steals one-stop layup, leading the Clippers to regain 1 minute, 10.9 seconds time there. But Durant withstand the next attack hit a jumper in the pressure, the Thunder go-ahead 1 minute, leaving only 5.8 seconds for the Clippers. In the last attack was Paul Durant capping, the Clippers at home tragic reversal.

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