Rocket two-game winning streak to take home today ushered in the Hornets challenge for the Hornets away the basket plus a cover like the Hornets only the middle two each had 16 points, situation in the field of ups and downs, both sides see-saw to the last minute. The last 31 seconds, Harden breakthroughs labeled as 2 + 1, the Rockets ahead 3 points. Then the Hornets are under rocket attack a key defense, Beverly and then two free throws, let the game this conclusion, final rocket home to 102-95 win.

Rocket Data: James - Harden 36 points, five rebounds and seven assists, and Dwight - Howard 9 points and 9 rebounds, Donatas - Mortier Yunus 6 points and 4 rebounds and 4 assists, Terence - Jones 17 points and six rebounds Marcus - Thornton 13 points and 1 rebounds.

Hornets data: Kemba - Walker 14 points and five rebounds and six assists, Nicholas - Batum 9 points, 5 rebounds, Marvin - Williams 12 points and six rebounds, Cody - Zeller 10 points, seven rebounds, 13 points and five assists Lin .

Marvin - Williams fouled two consecutive four free throws in the game opened the prelude, with Hou Zele also rebounds on tipped hit positive response. Rockets here, Howard scored inside, outside Ariza enters third lesson. Opening continuous rocket breakthrough compression Hornets defense, etc. Hornets defense shrink, and then burst outside Lengjian. Hornets all soldiers conducting ball patiently, until the opportunity was shot. Walker hit a jumper after the stop, the first end of the game, the Hornets to 28-27 lead one minute into the second section of the Rockets game.

Section Lamb backhand layup labeled 2 + 1, the Hornets offensive end suddenly misfiring, caught a five minute scoring drought Rockets to seize the opportunity here: Mortier Yunus hook shot, Terence - Jones makes a layup, the Rockets played a wave of 10-0 offensive. After half of the second quarter, the Rockets errors increased, so the Hornets more labeled counterattack. Ring true when the offensive team, Harden layup more for the team to open situation. Two of Harding Park, the Rockets to a 45-44 lead one minute into the second half of the Hornets game. Harden 5 of 10 shots in the first half, scored 18 points and 4 assists.

After halftime adjustments, the Hornets still could not find the shooting touch, it is still not in space three times. Opponents feel the cold, let shrinking defense rocket reassuring. Section III opening more than 4 minutes later, Hairston was finally launched into third, curb the decline of the team on the offensive end. But within three minutes, Howard was blown up three fouls in a row, only to end rest. Away basket plus a cover for the Hornets like, several shots were not fruitless. Terence - Jones counter-stop layup after the end of the third quarter, the Rockets to a 69-60 lead nine minutes into the final Hornets a competition. Three Harding Park, the Hornets team shot just 29 percent.

Distal Howard did not take long to play cover was blown foul, received a fifth personal foul. After Thornton launched into thirds and a jumper, the Rockets came to the double-digit lead. Hornets side, Walker and Lamb fouled two free throws gradually back the state, followed by Lin and Hawes also delivered into the goal third, to level the score. The last 1 minute, Terence - Jones and Harden have been labeled as 2 + 1, the Rockets ahead 3 points, the Hornets were under rocket attack a key defense, Beverly made two free throws, the game this conclusion, final rocket home win.

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